Why Libraries are Awesome

So I’m a big advocate of utilizing your local public libraries. The best way to secure more funding for them is to use their services! So I thought real quick that I should write up a quick posts about the services that many libraries offer nowadays that you may not know about. Some of these points may be applicable mostly to...

I found this old diy cellphone microscope tutorial and thought I'd share it ( )

I’ve been wanting to get a proper microscope so I can do my own spore examinations to identify local fungi but it’s been out of budget. This looks like a much more affordable option so now off to find some plexiglass and laser pointers at the dump.

The road to JLPT #1 - 本日の文法

Hello everyone, and welcome to our daily JLPT thread! The July tests are coming up quickly, so I thought we could have a daily thread where we discuss questions, or talk about what we’ve been practicing. In this thread I will also be sharing one graded grammatical structure every day, so feel free to use it for your own...

Summary of the basic Bullet Journal process

The Bullet Journal method is a flexible and analog system on a paper notebook designed to help individuals organize their lives and track their tasks, goals, and habits. It involves using a simple system of bullet points, signifiers, and collections to log information, make plans, and reflect on progress....

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