[Opinion] ‘You’re screwed’: Romney’s exit threatens a collapse of Senate’s middle - Burgess Everett ( )

Mitt Romney’s retirement shines a glaring spotlight on the potentially bleak future of the Senate’s ideological center in both parties. If Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema follow him out the door, it will get worse....

Google search will only show one npage of results ( ) Spanish

I have a major issue with Google search on my PC. Google search results are only showing me the first page and won't scroll or offer me the Goooooogle page selector. I have tried turning off and on continuous scrolling in settings and nothing changes - I don't see the page selector. If I sign out, I get the page selector and...

Anyone got a single screen twitch chat working?

I reported it as not working a day or two ago. They last updated it in 2021 or before but their support claims it’s still working. I stream using a single screen and so far I’ve been using the Steam overlay browser with some transparency but I’d like to be able to view chat without background with the text having borders...

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