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The Appeal to Heaven flag isn't just tied to Jan 6.

It's a Christian nationalist symbol.

Christian nationalists believe that the law of the land is not the Constitution, but instead the law of God as they interpret it.

Do you see the problem with Alito flying this flag?

LynnU , avatar

@rbreich Yeah, but then I think he is MAD.

Toadman628 , avatar

@rbreich Folks, remember that after every movement of non-conforming to any system. There are counter movements. True, in going from conforming movements, there are non-conforming ones.

The Constitution was the means of government to prevent these movements from causing insurrection and strive. It's better to talk obligingly than to just obliged blindly. Are we a thinking culture?

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Live Nation/Ticketmaster is a monopoly, which is why it can get away with providing awful service, charging exorbitant prices, and tacking on fees as high as 75% of the ticket price.

The DoJ will announce an antitrust lawsuit against the company this week.

This is a big deal.

Andres4NY , avatar

@rbreich Eddie Vedder double-checking to make sure it's not April 1st.

scerruti , avatar

@rbreich I, for one, will be happy to see an entirely different set of lawyers make a bunch of money while we continue to get gouged for concert tickets.

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KDE Gear 24.05 is out! It comes with new versions of Dolphin, Kdenlive, Merkuro, Elisa, Kate, many more apps, and no ads or spyware.


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Memo to the media:

If you're trying not to "take sides" in a struggle between democracy and fascism, you've taken the side of fascism.

villavelius , avatar

@rbreich Sitting on the fence inevitably leads, one way or another, to an unbearable pain in the ass.

RosePuckey , avatar

@rbreich Love toots like this. So many come out of the sewers to defend their views and get blocked. So many think it's only about them and their country.

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@georgetakei Give me indictments for $2000.

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This is technically correct. They've charged him with more than 80.

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Remember: If markets were actually competitive, corporations would keep their prices as low as possible as they competed for customers.

Instead, the concentration of the American economy into the hands of a few corporate giants gives them the power to raise prices with impunity.

lukiworker , avatar

@rbreich Kartelle aber das kennt man ja nur von der Mafia.

FaithinBones , avatar

@rbreich consumers have some power. They can buy what they need not what they want. Snacks, soda, expensive trucks, etc are unnecessary. Companies will react if consumers cut spending

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@georgetakei He doesn't like the competition.

JeffS , avatar

@georgetakei shouldn't he be using truth social? I wonder if he knows what a kangaroo court is?

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Humane AI Pin founders run for the exits, one month after launch

One month after launch of its "smartphone replacement," Humane already seems doomed.

Flop_Ysh , avatar

@arstechnica ça c'est pour les amateurs de ouya comme @CorentinLamy 😁

gervaisberi ,

@arstechnica That was to be expected.

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A pro-insurrection flag flew outside Samuel Alito's home after January 6th.

Clarence Thomas’ wife worked to overturn the 2020 election.

Both justices are set to rule on cases related to January 6th and subverting the election.

Is it any wonder Americans don't trust SCOTUS?

darwinwoodka , avatar


Oh I trust them. I trust them to make the worst possible decisions by a 6-3 ruling.

lawyersgunsnmoney , avatar

@rbreich @darwinwoodka Always pulling punches. I trust , and as much as I trust any other seditionist . They just wear better clothes and live in nicer neighborhoods - and do their work with a pen rather than with a flagpole crushing a Capitol Policeman’s head. Not to let the rest of the “Conservative” majority off the hook - they are the same and should all be dealt with as

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In view of the latest news coming out of Microsoft...

Yeah, KDE's Plasma doesn't do that either. Your stuff is safe.


Bro666 Mod , avatar

Yes. You can look up recent files and locations and files by type directly from Dolphin:

No AI, no spyware.

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I cannot wait having an AI assistant on my system that hallucinates documents that are kind of like the one's I have. Taxes are going to be fun!

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T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans

T-Mobile raises rates $2 or $5 per line on "some of our oldest rate plans."

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@arstechnica Leave it to cellular carriers to try to force folks into the new usually worse for them, better for carrier and usually pricier

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@arstechnica Guess it’s cellphone plan shopping o’clock. Oh well.

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@georgetakei hey Mitch, “leave the country alone”.

The Country

Midn8 ,

@georgetakei "please leave it alone, I rigged it exactly how I want it!"

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Trump keeps touting plans to deport millions of undocumented workers.

His vile attacks are as dumb as they are racist and xenophobic.

These people strengthen our communities, contribute to the economy, do essential jobs, and pay billions in taxes.

Don't fall for Trump's lies.

Professor_Stevens , avatar


Anyone who says they want to deport all undocumented workers is saying they want to pay five dollars for a tomato.

Toadman628 , avatar

@rbreich More points about TRUMP'S Hitler thing...

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huntingdon , avatar


Ask a serious question.

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@rbreich he's openly embraced it for a long while - remember the 'good people on both sides' blather after the tiki fascist rally in 2017 or so? Just because his first (and hopefully only) administration was more 'space balls' than 'star wars' doesn't mean he was less nasty and hateful during his first attempt to reich-ify this country.

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@georgetakei It would be funnier if it wasn't so tragic, and true.

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Dolly would approve.


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