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What mechanism is the source for Earth's Nitrogen?

I recall an explanation of the formation of Jovian moons on the Harvard Smithsonian “CfA Colloquium” YT channel that casually mentioned how various elements freeze out of the solar wind forming ices, and this is the mechanism that allows formation of moons with large amounts of water and elements that are not found in larger...

What is known about Persistence of Vision in various animals?

I’m curious about building cat toys that are impractically over complicated with Arduino/Maker stuff. Thus the casual curiosity about persistence of vision. I wonder if other animals have something like a different internal clock frequency where the image only forms at higher (or lower) frequencies than most humans.

What's the equivalent of physics constants for social studies?

In physics, it’s common to develop a formula and then stick a constant to explain the unknown. For example, Newton’s theory of gravity uses the gravitational constant G on the formula F = G * m_1 * m_2 / r^2, later on Einstein gave a more accurate explanation with the theory of relativity which does not rely on a constant E...

Hard Science Futurism: What types of theoretical prefabricated materials would the first stellar generation ship carry to construct an O'Neil cylinder upon arrival?

Assuming we are talking about an era when Sol has a thriving space industry and the Solar system is broadly colonized. Current materials science supports structures up to 8 kilometers in diameter, and if large scale graphene production is possible, up to 100km in diameter, at least according to Isaac Arthor....

Can humans reach near neutral buoyancy in a gas that is safe to breathe and contains adequate oxygen?

People talk of potential human flight on planets. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I still wear my inner 5 year old’s caped Superman pajamas, stressing over how many stairs one must jump from to take flight. So is it possible to flappy bird a flying monkey?

Volcanic Pyroclastic flows: What are some good analogies to understand the full spectrum of causes?

I’m trying to wrap my head around something that appears far more complex than I first thought. I don’t understand the explosive elements and chemistry that drives ash production and the heat to create the eruption column. I’m aware of how molten metal behaves in a foundry crucible with flux and degassing required. So I...

What is the best medium for transmitting sound?

I know that sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, you can hear it muddled in water, and different temperatures of air transmit better. But which is the “best”. Let’s say you had a speaker and a microphone in an enclosed case filled with whatever you wanted, which would be the best medium to ensure the best sound...

What liquids have the lowest refraction?

Asking this because I’ve been thinking about resin printing and how a small layer of said liquid could, in theory, be used to make the prints faster and negate any problems regarding the FEP film (which can wrinkle, tear and be a hassle to clean when small pieces are stuck to it). The ideal liquid would have to be:...

Can placebo effect really help you heal faster and cure physical illness ? If so won't someone who works out too little but believes in himself too much get jacked beyond comprehension ?

What are the limits to it ? Exceptions etc. Context i saw vsauces " power of suggestions " video. Is the video scripted or was the kids conditions just not real like i can understand the girls condition may be cured through placebo but come on adhd and migraines immediatly cured ?

Is the "Tromatz" bioelectric wave toothbrush legit, or snake oil?

I discovered the “Tromatz” bioelectric wave toothbrush, and it sounds too good to be true, which usually means… it is. However, they do link to some journal articles, so it seems it’s somewhat based on fact. There’s very, very little else out there aside from their own website that I can find. Thoughts from anyone...

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