Can KBin not like, freak out at any turn when surfing on it? ( kbin.social )

I forced myself to go back a little to Reddit recently. Because while I endorse and love the existence of the Fediverse, I can't in good conscience, tolerate the instability of it. Any other time I go somewhere, I'm met with a page that says KBin is working on resolving issues, then I go somewhere else and it's fine....

Decentered S1E3: Ryan Barrett Has a Bridge to Sell Us ( wedistribute.org )

For our third episode of Decentered, we talked to Ryan Barrett, the creator of Bridgy Fed! Ryan has a lot of experience in working with a variety of decentralized social web protocols, including IndieWeb, ActivityPub, AT Protocol, and Nostr, and has a lot of interesting thoughts on making them talk to each other.

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