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Christmas can be hard for some people. I hope those of you without your car keys, a good jacket, or a warm meal can find all of that in spades this season. (

Just knowing that other people are such fans of Frasier helps keep me jolly. I hope it helps anyone else who needs a shot (or two) of the Christmas spirit. And if anyone needs some cheering up, as a new fan or an old fan, feel free to hop into our community this winter and post your favorite scenes. Feel free to leave your...

Which of the important women in Frasier‘a life do you think had the biggest impact on him? (

Diane brought Frasier to Cheers. Lilith is the mother of his child and trigger to move back to Seattle. Hester led him down the path to choosing psychiatry as a profession. Which woman would you say had the biggest impact on our beloved radio star?

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