Movies that you appreciate differently now?

I have recently rewatched the movies Inside Out and Home Alone, having previously seen them while childless (I.O. as a young adult, H.A. many times at various ages).

The parental behavior draws a lot more of my attention, and it really changes the movie for me.

The parental panic when they don’t know where their kid is, or if they’re safe, just hits so much harder. Like, it’s not that I didn’t understand the movie before, I guess I just have a new appreciation for the parents emotions.

Are there any other movies that you appreciate differently now that you have different experiences?

mysoulishome , avatar

Inside Out is devastating as a parent of a girl…when they hit that point halfway to growing up and you can’t necessarily help them navigate the new challenges they are facing. Gutting.

I always felt like Kevin is kind of an asshole and the original home alone is a morality tale showing that his family is a pain in the ass but you have to appreciate them because the they love you for who for who you are. The characters are all caricatures and hard to take seriously for me. I’ve watched it with my kids a bunch and never felt like it was realistic enough to reach my feelings 😂

slacktoid , avatar

Dude fuck the parents in home alone. Kevin was better off alone. They are shitty assholes who always blame him for everything without taking any responsibility. The siblings have realized that shitting on Kevin gets them off the hook and the parents have reinforced that. In the end Kevin misses them and shows personal growth while no one else has.

m0darn OP ,

Yeah definitely. My point was that the existential panic of the mother resonated with me a lot more once I had a kid.

slacktoid , avatar

That makes sense. I wish the parents also had some character growth.

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