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About 6-7 years ago, I had a couple of close friends, but they got married and I did not. I've invited them to various events, but they have children now and usually decline.

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I've been attending a monthly men's dinner organized through my church. The most recent occurrence, I almost missed because apparently the organization of the event transitioned from email to WhatsApp. I don't have a WhatsApp account. There was no email about the move to WhatsApp. One person just happened to realize I hadn't gotten the details and called to invite me. I was grateful somebody remembered me (at the last minute), but for weeks leading up, I kept wondering if it just wasn't happening for March or if I were no longer welcome. I guess being an afterthought is better than being no thought at all.

sbv ,

They remembered you and went to the effort to call. I’d try to look on the bright side of that one.

jlow ,
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Beyond making a point to reach out to others, men must also be careful to not hyperfocus their lives on work, Carpenter says, “which is easy for them to do.”

Ooof, touché …

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