Federated cover

internet gryphon. admin of Beehaw, mostly publicly interacting with people. nonbinary. they/she

Green energy/tech reporter, burner, raver, graphic artist and vandweller. cover

Programmer and sysadmin (DevOps?), wannabe polymath in tech, science and the mind. Neurodivergent, disabled, burned out, and close to throwing in the towel, but still liking ponies 🦄 and sometimes willing to discuss stuff. cover

Artist, theatrical performer, roller derby announcer, and former derby skater in the Midwest.

Single, childless, and married to my my freedom and sense of adventure.

Living 20 minutes into the future. Eccentric weirdo. Virtual Adept. Time traveler. Thelemite. Technomage. Hacker on main. APT 3319. Not human. 30% software and implants. H+ - 0.4 on the Berram-7 scale. Furry adjacent. Pan/poly. Burnout.

I try to post as sincerely as possible. cover

Admin at

Pronouns: they/he

Admins PM me for access to Fedi Admin Guild Loomio cover

Theerre's the hostility I was trying to bait into existence cover

Volunteer amateur systems administrator for Beehaw. Stay-at-home dad. Outdoor enthusiast. cover

aka @jsylvis

Just another person seeking connection, community, and diversity of thought in an increasingly polarized and team-based society.

Other contacts:

I’m gay

Digital bits, one zero

1968 book “War and Peace in the Global Village” by Canadian Professor Marshall McLuhan -

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” ― Marshall McLuhan

Baby Billy’s Banana Hammock cover

Some dingbat that occasionally builds neat stuff without breaking others. The person running this public-but-not-promoted instance because reasons. cover

A husband. A father. A senior software engineer. A video gamer. A board gamer.

Just a sometimes grey muzzle poking at this net thing cover

Shut-in, keeper of weird hours. cover

Volunteer amateur systems administrator for Beehaw. Stay-at-home dad. Outdoor enthusiast. cover

Formerly @ZeroCool

they/them cover

Let go and let entropy. 🌌

If I own a community that’s related to a piece of software, service, or other community and someone who actually contributes to that wants it, message me and it’s yours. I stake no claim in communities, I simply want to see them exist and thrive. cover

Let go and let entropy. ,🌌

Due to ongoing federation issues I’ve temporarily moved to @ZeroCool.

Internet Addict. Reddit refugee. Motorsports Enthusiast. Gamer. Traveler. Napper.


Also @JCPhoenix. @jcphoenix

“Up to the Twentieth Century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear. Since the initial publication of the chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear is less than one-millionth of reality.” -Bucky Fuller

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