Born and raised in London. Just a normal guy with a moral compass.

Rose here. Also for non-kbin stuff.

I just like the fediverse and hope it does well.

Any pronouns

I use Arch btw

“They’ve got me waiting on a day when we can say ‘fuck the police!’ with a little bit of integrity,

When it’ll mean: ‘I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine!’”

Just another ordinary, average guy.

Programmer and sysadmin (DevOps?), wannabe polymath in tech, science and the mind. Neurodivergent, disabled, burned out, and close to throwing in the towel, but still liking ponies 🦄 and sometimes willing to discuss stuff.

I’m the king. Of jalopies.

Graphic designer, father, husband, San Franciscan. Loves music, art, design, and photographing the texture of life.

Hello. I am a single, middle aged man from midwestern United States. Pic is not me.

My enthusiasm knows no bounds. I can't help but share what I am excited about with others.

Topics that interest me: #Games #Nintendo #Tech #3DPrinting #ElectricVehicles #Electrification #Solar #HomeAutomation #Scripting #RaspberryPi #Python #Maker #Streaming #YouTube

This is a recording.

Father; husband; mechanical engineer. Posting from my self-hosted Lemmy instance here in beautiful New Jersey. I also post from my Pixelfed instance.

Boyle Heights. South Central LA. Inglewood. San Francisco. Albuquerque. Musician,bad pundit. Host of Albuquerque Behaves Badly on YouTube. I hate MAGA and racists to pieces.

Father, Sysadmin, Writer, Nerd. Usually in that order, but not necessarily. Working @ , helping lost folks find their way. Owns too many cars, doesn’t drive enough. Find me at

Hi there, I am a 44yo woman from Holland with a passion for art.

I mainly post and boost art and photo's, but I am always up for a nice conversation as well!

Sidenote: the art and photo's that I post either come from the public domain, or in the case of copyright I have permission from the artist / photographer to post it here.

Privacy Advocate | FOSS Lover Buy Me a Coffee ☕ :

If you’re here, there’s still hope for the internet

Don’t let it fall

Asses to asses, butts to butts

Husband, Father, IT Pro, service.

I ask a lot of questions to try to understand how people think.

Non-degradable bio

Original news, reviews, analysis of tech trends, and expert advice on the most fundamental aspects of tech.

Official Ars Technica account. 🟠


#liberal #anticapitalism

An #EconomicDemocracy is a market economy where most firms are structured as #WorkerCoops.

#coops #cooperatives

I’m gay
  • Atheist
  • Marxist-Leninist

If you are:
🔸 Racist
🔸 Fascist / Capitalist
🔸 Sexist
🔸 Close-minded
🔸 Hater
🔸 Homophobic
Don't follow me 😍


Not hating on discussions
Edit posts a lot
Post Auto-deletion: 6 months

Fleeing HellBirdSite for hopefully friendlier pastures. #Writing #Photography #Cats #Food #Cooking #WorldMusic #LGBTQ #Disabled #NoBridge

Aqua Blue, Sailor, Gardener, Chef, Spiritual. Single Male, Biking, Animal Rights, Freedom of Choice,
Love who you want, Antifa, fuck Republicans. No Religion , Meta gets Blocked with Twitter.

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