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Veteran of the media wars from broadcast to cable to streaming. Equal parts outrage and argument.

Terms of Service: We Don't Serve Nazis or Bots Here.

Come for the outrage, stay for the occasional pithy comments!

I apologize in advance for going on a bit and saying mean things from time to time.

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Avatar in the #Metaverse, #Secondlife. I sometimes speak #Dutch.
Don't blame the individual, blame the support system. I caught a tree.
I am #antifa. My dad was antifa, his brothers and friends that were killed in the war were antifa. If you are not antifa, you are a fascist.
Twitter @VickForcella #vickforcella

Technology fella

I keep hoping to use the social networks for something else. I'd really love to talk about games, music, etc etc. But somehow it always turns political. Don't follow me if you don't want to see potentially either or completely at random.

Artist, Photographer, Cook, Miscreant. Odd. Basically I cook, do art, and sometimes post about them.

For my occasional recipes, follow @olav Otherwise, check out my bio links

admin/owner of Please contact me and/or report any problems.

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Original news, reviews, analysis of tech trends, and expert advice on the most fundamental aspects of tech.

Official Ars Technica account. 🟠 cover

Registered Canadian Non-Profit Ethical Advocacy Organization ▪︎ Semper Liberi ▪︎ Cui Bono?
Bringing Ethical Leadership Learning to Our World.
#TheFoundersDesk: Ethics, Truth, Humour & Wisdom.

Ethics: A State of Mind - A State of Being.

Intention = Thought & Deeds.
Support: Ethical Social Development

"The Path to Prosperity for ALL has never seen a Human footfall."
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I’m just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username. I tend to edit everything I write like a million times within the span of a couple minutes after posting, so if you see one thing and suddenly it changes, that was just a first draft. 😅 cover

Art, Science, Politics, & 4th grade fart jokes.
I'm either the first person to figure out what's going on, or the last.

MFA-sculpture, BKA, EMT, OCD,
I was a fan of goats before goats were cool.
Pacific Northwest.
He/him/Hey, Asshole!

Profile picture is symbol of United Corvids
With their slogan "An injury to one is an injury to all" cover

#StarTrek (esp. #DS9 and #LowerDecks, NO GATEKEEPING), #FFXIV, I prefer consuming news with a good dose of snark. #Politics out of necessity. #SCIENCE! (She/Her)

Jobu Tupaki for president!

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