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A shiny new blog post, hopefully helping clarify exactly what the relationship is between and and give a bit of an update of where things are at.


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@sfalken will be appearing on https://hackaday.com/tag/floss-weekly/ next week (21-Feb), to discuss , , and hopefully answer some questions.

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❔ Seeking Web-Based CMS Recommendations (, , , etc.)

If you customize/maintain or use a Content Management System () to display Web content, I'd like to know which CMS your prefer

I've always coded Web-based components from scratch, but I'm curious about the CMS solutions that are commonly used to serve up content on the Web. The community here seems to be very tech-oriented, so I thought I'd be able to get some great feedback.

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I'm bubbling this comment up a tier. On an exploration of modern practices, I've been considering a few alternatives for my . While initially considering the classic , I came to better appreciate the / distro trend, most notably . Last week, I learned about . Yet, not a fan of & unsure of the future of openSUSE, I was happy to discover Fedora today https://fedoraproject.org/atomic-desktops/kinoite

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has just replaced as a host on le bøx. It seems to be the perfect tool for the job, being with .

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I will now try to install on an old ass laptop I found laying around. with ran on it, but was really laggy, so let's see if this works better. I doubt it, due to being heavier than IceWM, but we'll see!

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Huh, being used to Tumbleweed I'm a bit surprised to see using X11 instead of Wayland and has the firewall disabled by default. Also I think I've read it uses sysdemd boot but it's installing Grub. Ah well... I don't know anything so what do I know. I'm learning though!

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