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A shiny new blog post, hopefully helping clarify exactly what the relationship is between and and give a bit of an update of where things are at.

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In view of the latest news coming out of Microsoft...

Yeah, KDE's Plasma doesn't do that either. Your stuff is safe.


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@kde @kde
At it is in pretest and will be released soon.

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Well f*ck me, RHEL 9 finally got rid of NIS. I think I knew this was coming but that was so far in the future, I had plenty of now problems to deal with. They are right, NIS is not at all secure for user auth. Great. I don't use NIS for that anymore. I use NIS for groups, netgroups, and automount maps, especially automount maps. I'm not worried about security for those. Might be time to finally develop a replacement to those bits of NIS and retire NIS like I've been contemplating.

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@jimbodie I run 389-ds on a vps for me as a idm for my services such as and .
I looked into freeipa once but I figured that I'd have to move to fedora or rhel wasn't an option and it in many ways an overkill.
Some services that freeipa are very useful outside of it such as sssd. Cockpit makes 389-ds quite easy to manage.
I plan to move my setup to however I want to figure out how to migrate my setup to some declarative.
Right now I only manage my service configs in Git

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Check out our stream from yesterday about Packaging in the Open Build Service. Our next contribution episode is being scheduled & we will add it to our calendar.

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Of Plasma 6 Distributions.


  1. Plasma 6.0.x is great (albeit it did play havoc a bit on my desktop , as did 5.0.0 before it)
  2. I appreciate Devs giving us 6.0.1 rather than 6.0.0 initially
  3. Given it's not a , i am thrilled that Fedora 40 received the 6.0.1 update, & hope this continues
  4. Given #3, i'm a bit puzzled that Kinoite is at least three days behind
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@msdropbear42 We're in no rush to update to . Not because it's overly buggy, or that we don't want to, but we track Tumbleweed, and It hasn't hit there just yet. We appreciate the work that the -KDE team is putting in, getting everything together.

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When is going to get ?

Well, When gets it. The packages have all been submitted, and are currently going through testing and the review process for Factory.

So I can't tell you that. We are downstream of Tumbleweed, and Kalpa will roll Plasma6 sometime after it's accepted into Factory.

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Looking for ? Dive into the comprehensive collection at It is your go-to resource for all your command-line needs! 🐧💻

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Wondering why 24.2 hasn't shown up yet in 🤔

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I did a thing.

For those of you that wonder "How can I contribute?" This short video goes over a fairly simple package version bump in .

If you've ever asked yourself "Hey new $version of my favourite software is out, when is Tumbleweed going to ship it?" This is how you can help make the process even faster.

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So I recently ran across this post and thread by @vwbusguy, and I would like to try to address some of the questions/misconceptions/etc that come up in the thread.

If you have questions, please, ask. What we do with isn't identical to what does with their , but many of the concepts for the end user are going to be similar/the same.

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@kalpa Hey there. I just want to say that I'm also a fan of and their approach to this as well. I maintain a bunch of SLE Micro servers in production in my dayjob and it is legit amazing. I love as a user that is not a zero sum game and that we have some great choices in this space, as well as common areas for collaboration and innovation. As a user myself, I'm thrilled exists!

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@kalpa For one thing, I love that and play well together such that I can easily build and test things for using from , not to mention the usefulness of OBS for generating/maintaining custom, immutable OpenSUSE images.

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@kalpa I have no idea if this is a thing or not, but there could be some interesting potential for style tools for and/or OBS. I know it's a different beast than ostree, but it could be awesome having a Ublue + SUSE Elemental approach to innovating custom immutable desktop environments on as well.

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❔ Seeking Web-Based CMS Recommendations (, , , etc.)

If you customize/maintain or use a Content Management System () to display Web content, I'd like to know which CMS your prefer

I've always coded Web-based components from scratch, but I'm curious about the CMS solutions that are commonly used to serve up content on the Web. The community here seems to be very tech-oriented, so I thought I'd be able to get some great feedback.

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I'm bubbling this comment up a tier. On an exploration of modern practices, I've been considering a few alternatives for my . While initially considering the classic , I came to better appreciate the / distro trend, most notably . Last week, I learned about . Yet, not a fan of & unsure of the future of openSUSE, I was happy to discover Fedora today

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has just replaced as a host on le bøx. It seems to be the perfect tool for the job, being with .

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I will now try to install on an old ass laptop I found laying around. with ran on it, but was really laggy, so let's see if this works better. I doubt it, due to being heavier than IceWM, but we'll see!

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