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Porting libraries/applications to our beloved OS #HaikuOS
Some information on my background: https://www.desktoponfire.com/interview/219/lets-interview-begasus/

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kde , to KDE
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We write all recipes for our juiciest empanadas in our notebooks. Version 1.1.0 available now!


Flatpak coming today!


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@kde @kde already had prior version up and running, was waiting on the update for the kirigami-addons for a further check on :)

kdenlive , to KDE
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This year is participating in Season of KDE with two projects. Check out the progress of the students:

Implementing Multi-format Rendering:

Enabling editing of keyframe curves and advanced keyframe types:


begasus ,
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@kde @kdenlive Best of luck to the students!

kdenlive , to Random
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Hey video-makers! 🎥 This week, we stumbled upon community member @pocketvj crafting cinematic magic with on a smartphone powered by @postmarketOS and @begasus explored editing on ! ✨ Tell us where do you use Kdenlive. Send your screenshot! 💻🖥️🌌

Kdenlive interface running on PostmarketOS

begasus ,
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@kdenlive @pocketvj @kde @postmarketOS @ActionRetro @juanejot Keep in mind I only have the local updated KDE frameworks/libraries/applications on my install, while checking out some of the KDE applications some made it to our depot at , isn't available there (yet). Also with no hardware acceleration I'm guessing real rendering of larger projects won't be such a good idea at this point. :)

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