Don't mind me.
Computer science. Digital media. Audio engineering.
Dysthymia, social anxiety and ADD.
Lost soul and seeker of all things good. Be it positivity, meaning, happiness, love, or a cup of hot cocoa under a warm blanket.

All opinions belong to the little alien inside my head who just wants to go home.

Note: I don't subscribe to a blind "follow back" mentality. I curate my feed. Nothing personal.

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macberg, to random
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I will now try to install on an old ass laptop I found laying around. with ran on it, but was really laggy, so let's see if this works better. I doubt it, due to being heavier than IceWM, but we'll see!

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Huh, being used to Tumbleweed I'm a bit surprised to see using X11 instead of Wayland and has the firewall disabled by default. Also I think I've read it uses sysdemd boot but it's installing Grub. Ah well... I don't know anything so what do I know. I'm learning though!

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