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The POLITICO/Morning consult poll reveals that only a third of voters think it’s likely Harris would win an election were she to become the Democratic nominee, and just three of five Democrats believe she would prevail. A quarter of independents think she would win.

The poll shows that Harris shares the same poor ratings as Biden. Both are well underwater, Biden at 43 percent favorable and 54 unfavorable, Harris at 42 percent favorable and 52 percent unfavorable.


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The Intercept’s reporting reflected perspectives common in media coverage on the left, such as pro-union, pro-progressive, pro-labor, pro-democracy, pro-LGBTQ/social justice, and was sympathetic to Palestine, critical of Israel, and in general critical of figures in power, like the Biden Administration, major corporations, and other key U.S. government officials.


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The mental gymnastics to turn a blind eye regarding Biden's public declining mental state.

UAW loses Alabama union vote seen as bellwether for organizing autoworkers in the South ( www.nbcnews.com )

Republican officials led a vigorous campaign opposing the organizing effort. In the run-up to Friday's vote, six Southern governors, all Republicans, led by Alabama's Kay Ivey, warned about “special interests looking to come into our state and threaten our jobs and the values we live by.”...

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