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After the Trump verdict, most Republicans say they're OK with having a criminal as president

Last week, Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony charges in the hush-money case against him. Compared to before the verdict, the biggest changes we found in a post-conviction poll conducted between May 31 and June 2 are in Republicans' positions on felony, crime in general, and the presidency. They have shifted in a way that puts the verdict in a more favorable light and keeps Trump's candidacy viable. For example, fewer Republicans think it should be illegal to pay hush money for the purposes of influencing an election than did a year ago, and more now say felons should be allowed to become president than did a few months ago.

"Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept”: Meet the Palestinian Lawyer Censored by Columbia and Harvard ( www.democracynow.org )

The website of the Columbia Law Review was taken down by its board of directors on Monday after student editors refused a request from the board to halt the publication of an academic article written by Palestinian human rights lawyer Rabea Eghbariah titled “Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept.”...

Gold Mining Project Struck Down By U.S. Circuit Court Protecting Critical Species In California’s Sierra Nevadas ( worldanimalnews.com )

The recent decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the approval of exploratory drilling east of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is a significant victory for environmental conservation and protection of sensitive ecosystems....

Bernie Sanders blasts lawmakers' decision of both political parties to invite "war criminal" Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress ( www.sanders.senate.gov )

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today released the following statement on the decision of Senate and House leaders of both political parties to extend an invitation to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to address a joint meeting of Congress:...

Attack Trump verdict or be exiled - a new test for Republicans ( www.bbc.com )

The historic nature of Trump’s criminal conviction is being leveraged by his campaign as a sort of roll-call vote to see which politicians will defend the former president and which of them will defend America’s legal system. It appears you can’t do both....

"I was shocked:" State Department Official quits after report denies Israel blocking humanitarian assistance in Gaza despite "abundant evidence showing Israel is responsible for blocking aid" ( www.democracynow.org )

After working at the U.S. State Department for over 20 years, Stacy Gilbert quit the Biden administration this week after a report she contributed to concluded Israel was not obstructing humanitarian assistance to Gaza....

tardigrada , (edited )

This article is highly biased and misleading imo.

First of all, it doesn't make sense to compare economic policy performance by a single metric, be it inflation or GDP or anything else, let alone if you compare economies in different periods.

For example, the high inflation during president Carter's term was mainly due to the oil crisis in the 1970s. President Biden started his term in 2020 - right when the pandemic broke out and subsequent interruptions of global supply chain caused a soaring inflation. You may or may not agree with both presidents' economic policies, but you can't obviously blame Carter or Biden for the oil crises and the pandemic, respectively.

The articles also says:

Neither the Fed nor economists in general view housing prices as inflation. The economic illiterates do not count asset prices in general as inflation.

The 'economic illiterates' use inflation to measure prices of consumer goods and services but explicitly not to measure prices of assets. This is why rent can reasonably be part of such an index, but house prices probably not (exactly because a house is an asset and not a consumer good). This is also one reason why you should always look at a dashboard of metrics and interpret them to the individual circumstances (e.g., in different epoches, cultures, etc.) rather than looking at just one measurement.

So the inflation and the way how it is measured (there are multiple ways to do so) is certainly an imperfect metric, but this is true for any metric. And comparing the economic policies over several decades by just using a single metric doesn't make any sense.

(Edit typo.)

A cyberattack forces a big US health system to divert ambulances and take records offline ( abcnews.go.com )

A cyberattack on the Ascension health system operating in 19 states across the U.S. forced some of its 140 hospitals to divert ambulances, caused patients to postpone medical tests and blocked online access to patient records...

tardigrada ,

As much as I agree, I am not sure whether this is what they are aiming at.

The law’s provision of civil damages means that private actors — including those with seemingly endless resources — can bog you down in costly and distracting litigation,” Shamas said. “This means that Palestinians and those who support their rights become ‘high risk’ — and those who they rely on — charities, funders, banks or social media companies — are chilled from further engagement. The goal is to isolate Palestinians.”

Former NSA employee sentenced to almost 22 years for trying to sell secrets to Russia ( edition.cnn.com )

Jareh Sebastian Dalke, a 32-year-old Army veteran from Colorado, had briefly worked at the NSA, prosecutors said, and was reapplying to the agency when he tried to sell classified information to a person he believed worked for the Russian government but who actually worked for the FBI.

FTC Sends Refunds of more than $5.6 million to Certain Ring Customers Stemming from 2023 Settlement ( www.ftc.gov )

The FTC is sending 117,044 PayPal payments to consumers who had certain types of Ring devices, such as indoor cameras, during periods when the FTC alleges unauthorized users may have had access to customer videos. Consumers should redeem their PayPal payment within 30 days....

McKinsey faces US criminal probe over opioids work, sources say ( www.reuters.com )

The probe is focused on whether McKinsey engaged in a criminal conspiracy when advising Purdue and other pharmaceutical manufacturers on marketing strategies to boost sales of prescription painkillers that led to widespread addiction and fatal overdoses, two of the people said....

tardigrada ,

Amid campus crackdowns, Gaza war triggers freedom of expression crisis

Across the United States, “heads are rolling” at the top of some Ivy League universities amid a campus-wide crackdown on students protesting Israel’s war in Gaza, shining a spotlight on the question of freedom of expression worldwide, said UN Special Rapporteur Irene Khan.

Columbia Suspends Ilhan Omar’s Daughter One Day After Omar Grilled School Administrators ( theintercept.com )

Omar’s questions to the administrators during a Wednesday congressional hearing on antisemitism at Columbia touched on the school’s response to students being sprayed with a chemical at a campus rally for Gaza and its policy surrounding professors harassing students online....

Leaked NYT Gaza Memo Tells Journalists to Avoid Words “Genocide,” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and “Occupied Territory” ( theintercept.com )

The New York Times instructed journalists covering Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip to restrict the use of the terms “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” and to “avoid” using the phrase “occupied territory” when describing Palestinian land, according to a copy of an internal memo obtained by The Intercept....

tardigrada OP ,

A style guide is a general guidance regarding grammar, style, common journalistic practice. This refers to a single topic, and it is clearly biased towards the Israeli government's view.

For example (and as the article reads), the memo instructs

to steer clear of the term “refugee camps” to describe areas of Gaza historically settled by displaced Palestinians expelled from other parts of Palestine during previous Israeli–Arab war ...

but the very same areas

are recognized by the United Nations as refugee camps and house hundreds of thousands of registered refugees.

Can't they cite the UN now?

I'm sorry, but this is a first step towards the principle of free journalism and towards autocratic systems. That's not good practice imo.

tardigrada OP ,

The major problem here is that China is offering prices below production costs aiming to ruin foreign competition. Once the objective of a monopoly-like market is reached, they can increase the price.

China's domestic market has already seen a heavy price war leaving many EV companies in financial troubles (and, consequently, leaving buyers often without the possibilty of software maintenance and other after-sales services).

Baidu's brand WM Motor, for example, ran out of liquidity last year, as well as Tencent's Aiways. Other brands like Levdeo or Singulato filed for bankruptcy if I remember that right.

[Edit typo.]

tardigrada OP ,

The U.S. as well as Europe should definitely shift subsidies away from fossil fuels to renewables, and their industries could technologically keep up with China's. However, it wouldn't solve the problem here imo, as China has a structural overcapacity across the whole supply chain.

In a nutshell, China will do everything to flood the market with ever cheaper products. Its state policy has always been incentivizing lower prices for larger market share, but this policy has reached unprecedented levels (and not just in EV car market, btw.).

A major reason for this is Beijing's bias against a 'social welfare' state for the benefit of industry subsidies. During the pandemic, the government provided high company subsidies to keep people employed, but no household support (which left and is still leaving domestic consumption low). The federal and local governments provided their subsidies irrespective of firms' profitability. Knowing that the Chinese state-planned system traditionally rewards the mentioned scale of business over financial health, firms increased their production capacities even more, hoping to compensate lower margins with volume.

The result is now a massive and increasing overcapacity that can't be absorbed by the domestic market.

Sorry for the long post.

tardigrada OP ,


One more recent investigation by Rhomberg Group refers to China's overcapacity and calling it 'structural', saying that

One last difference [between Chinese subsidies compared to U.S. and European subsidies] is how much support central and local governments have given failing enterprises with little consideration of profit and efficiency. In addition to generous credit and tax support measures, struggling companies were granted credit forbearances during COVID to help them face liquidity crunches and operational disruptions [while private household received nothing, leaving domestic consumption low]. Government support and prevention of market exit boosted the number of loss-making companies [...]. In a crowded environment, with loose budget constraints, firms lowered prices and accepted razor-thin margins to retain market share. Perversely, it also pushed them to build additional capacity in hopes of offsetting lower margins with higher volumes, and because they knew from prior episodes that if authorities ultimately forced a market consolidation, survival would be determined based on scale, not financial health.


Chinese firms are still using overseas markets to make up for lower prices, margins, or even losses on the China market. But this China-world price discrepancy also means that Chinese firms could lower their export prices further in the future to gain market access, weed out competitors, or make up for new tariff barriers in the EU or the US.

Another new study by German researchers in Kiel on Chinese subsidies has been posted by someone here just today on Lemmy.

According to DiPippo et al. (2022) and recent OECD studies, the industrial subsidies in China are at least three to four times or even up to nine times higher than in the major EU and OECD countries. According to a very conservative estimate, industrial subsidies in China amounted to around EUR 221 billion or 1.73% of Chinese GDP in 2019. According to recent data of 2022, direct government subsidies for some of the dominant Chinese manufacturers of green technology products had also increased significantly - the electric car manufacturer BYD alone received EUR 2.1 billion [in 2022, which is up from just EUR 220 million in 2020].

We have been observing a massive price war within China's domestic EV market for some time. Many EV car producer have already filed for bankruptcy or are on tbe bring of collapse. Consequently, many Chinese customers are unable to access after-sales and software maintenance services.

tardigrada ,

New news from the House.

House Votes to Extend—and Expand—a Major US Spy Program

The US House of Representatives voted on Friday to extend the Section 702 spy program. It passed without an amendment that would have required the FBI to obtain a warrant to access Americans’ information.

Biden pressure on Israel not enough, say dissenting US officials ( www.bbc.com )

The views of seven current and former US government officials reflect the way internal objections to policy continue to mount. They said many government workers were voicing their frustrations in unofficial forums that include at least a dozen groups on messaging apps, which the officials said counted hundreds of administration...

‘Moscow Marjorie’: Republican accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of irresponsible Ukraine rhetoric ( www.theguardian.com )

The far-right Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is ungovernable and should be known as “Moscow Marjorie”, said a former Republican colleague in the US House, accusing Greene of “getting her talking points from the Kremlin” when opposing new federal aid for Ukraine....

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a conservative think tank’s president pushed Speaker Mike Johnson to approve more aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russia ( thehill.com )

Pompeo, who served in the Trump administration, said in a letter with John Walters, the CEO and president of the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, that protecting Ukraine is connected to issues at home, making the argument as some Republicans, including Johnson, have previously insisted the U.S. must secure the border...

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