KammicRelief ,

nice lighting and colors on these. :+1:

as for the format, I could go either way. I'm also fine with 3 separate posts--it wouldn't be spam imo :)

teagrrl ,
@teagrrl@lemmy.ml avatar

Very cool. I love the imagery. Idk how I feel about the format, I always struggle to decide how present my work online and still account for mobile and desktop. I love looking at series of images regardless.

ShadowCatEXE OP ,
@ShadowCatEXE@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, I thought I’d try it out since I wanted to share all 3 without spamming posts. I’m sure there’s a way to share multiple photos in 1 post, but I figured I give this a go first.

I can understand though that the collage style is not for everyone. I also admittedly spent way too much time messing with the borders...

teagrrl ,
@teagrrl@lemmy.ml avatar

All good. I find combining landscape and portrait challenging, I love bordered photographs, but I feel like it is never well received when I do it, so I have largely stopped. I like your borders though!

IMALlama ,

I like the tri-photo format, and photo collages in general! The mix of aspect ratios is a nice change of pace.

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