FenrirIII ,
@FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

Seeing 14c prices when it was 10c like 3 years ago. Fucking ridiculous

cerement ,
@cerement@slrpnk.net avatar

“Texas power grid” + “normal Texas summer heat” + “surge pricing” …

Zachariah ,
@Zachariah@lemmy.world avatar

= re-elect Governor Abbott again, of course.

Amoxtli OP , (edited )

"With the growth of renewables, the retirement of base load fossil-fired generation and the dependence on renewables, on days renewables are not showing up, it's going to be very pricey," said Amperon CEO Kelly.

It is federal policies that are undermining industry growth. Wind and solar are not industrial scale energy. Texas does not need these renewables. California is benefitting because of the heavy rainstorms which power their electric dams. What you get with solar and wind is expensive energy because the backup energy will not have a fixed volume of supply, those power plants have to be in standby, not making profits, and when they do come online, it is spot market distribution. The problem is the Federal Government, that is pushing the market into malicious investment. I am not against wind and solar, but they are no replacement for base load energy. If you hear otherwise, then you are consuming propaganda. Base energy generates revenues by constant generation. Germany is an example of what renewables will do; renewables deindustrializes an economy. Considering the unpredictable nature, it is questionable whether building transmission lines just for these energy types is really all that worth it.

specialseaweed , (edited )

As someone who lived thru the Texas freeze, may I say with all due disrespect: go eff yourself.

Your post is so deeply stupid I don’t know where to begin. I can only hope you’re a bot and if not, may god have mercy on your ignorant soul.

sfbing ,

That might be a winter-time concern, but for summertime it is hogwash. The air conditioners need to run when the sun is out.

Amoxtli OP ,

Certainly, but Texas is mostly Cfa, humid subtropical; it isn't always clear skies in Texas. Texas does get a lot of cloudy skies. There is a reason why solar and wind have climate recommendations; that is for maximizing reliability. I just don't think that solar power from West Texas and wind from the Texas panel handle going all the way to the population centers and the population core of Texas is worth it. Activist claim solutions, but they are comprises, not solutions. I support regional grids that take advantage of their own strengths. Northwest Texas and the panhandle should take advantage of wind energy for their own consumption. It is costly to export the energy. This is true of exports in general consumer standard of living; it is better for Texans, and Americans to consume their own energy, than it is to export., because it is cheaper Especially, when you have a federal government that has economic sanctions on fungible commodity and now puts the responsibility on supplying more oil and natural gas due to artificial supply restrictions.

Telorand ,

Ew, no. For someone who invokes the concept of "listening to propaganda," this sure sounds an awful lot like fossil fuel industry claptrap.

Amoxtli OP ,

There are no omissions regarding fossil fuels; we all know they pollute. Omissions are in the renewable energy news media. They tell you all the positive sides of wind and solar, and none of the negatives. That is propaganda, the very definition of the word; typical of Western news media.

Telorand ,

It sounds like you're basically saying that because scientists talk about the negatives of fossil fuels a lot and not as much about renewables' negatives, there's some kind of cover-up effort. Is that what you're saying?

SpaceNoodle ,

Scientists are obviously covering up so the pollution we get from collecting sunlight.

Not_mikey ,

Renewables work, you just have to build batteries to store it, which California has been doing and is part of the reason energy is cheaper there. There is more hydro too, but solar into batteries has been overtaking it at peak recently.

Amoxtli OP ,

California electricity prices now second-highest in United States - https://www.sfchronicle.com/california/article/electricity-price-rate-pge-19429422.php

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