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Adding to Anaya’s shock, the physician informed her that to stop the infection she needed immediate abortion care, but because of Texas laws, she would have to “keep getting sicker” until the doctor could “prove” to the hospital that her life was on the line.

Anaya’s story underscores the immense struggle Texas patients with high-risk pregnancies – who have lived under strict abortion bans longer than other US residents – have faced for more than two years.

Kate Cox, a Texas woman denied an emergency abortion for her non-viable pregnancy whose separate case attracted national attention, only reinforced the need for clarity.

Instead, we are being forced to continue to carry this huge burden of balancing our job to care for patients with complications against the threat of prosecution and life in jail – it’s an incredibly tough situation to put doctors in.”

However, the TMB’s proposal has disappointed reproductive rights advocates, including plaintiffs in the Zurawski case, who hoped the board would offer a specific list of conditions covered by the law.

In fact, many of the doctors, lawyers and experts who testified during the board’s May meeting worried that the new rules would actually create more obstacles to patient care, as they would force additional reporting requirements on physicians.

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