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That’s by design

And this is yet another reason why cryptocurrency is not the savior most people think it is. Crypto is just another tool to siphon obscene amounts of wealth from the bottom to top.

bquintb ,
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Don't worry, it will soon trickle down. Ronald Reagan and the entire GOP since then has assured me of this.

stembolts ,

It's cool. I mean we've been historically fine in earnings. It's not like there was a massive drop in compensation relative to productivity in the 1980s that continues to today. Wait, I suppose there was.

What is the value of 50 years of under-compensation for the vast majority of Americans? How many homes never purchased, vacations never taken, businesses never started? We can't afford to do any of that. We barely exist.

But wait, record stock prices! Woo! Who needs money when the corporations poisoning us with PFAs and lobbying the government to destroy itself are earning more than ever! I mean we can't afford stocks and 80+% of the market is owned by like 5% of the population, but that's good! Good and fine!

I mean sure, people will become homeless, starve, resort to crime to eat, but we should rejoice that the billionaires are living their best lives.

Given their reluctance to release power, and the size of the imbalance, historically it seems like the lower classes would need to harm members of the CEO class to bring about change, but that is vile and uncivil and no one would want to do that. Plus you'd need a population with nothing to lose and nothing to work for, American workers are more incentivized and happier than ever.

Go rich people! Take more! And more! And more! And more! Never too much! Surely this impoverished house of cards will stand for millenia!

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