i_ben_fine ,
@i_ben_fine@lemmy.one avatar
dragontangram88 OP ,
@dragontangram88@lemmy.world avatar

Haha! I love it!

steal_your_face ,
@steal_your_face@lemmy.ml avatar

Idk if it’s just the camera position but she looks tiny

gregorum ,
@gregorum@lemm.ee avatar

In Rainmeows

MenschlicherFehler ,

My favorite Radiocat album

eldavi ,

kitty looks matted; i hope it’s no causing any pain.

dragontangram88 OP ,
@dragontangram88@lemmy.world avatar

No, she has no matts. I cut her fur really short and it’s just looks uneven in the picture. Trust me, I cut her fur so that she would have no matted fur at all. I double checked her fur for matts after I clipped it.

eldavi ,

that explains the look of disdain. lol

my very senior void is too inflexible to groom well and also gives me a “fuck you!” look after i bathe and groom him myself.

Strykker ,

Unless she already had mats why the fuck are you cutting a cats fur?

At most they just need brushing.

dragontangram88 OP ,
@dragontangram88@lemmy.world avatar

She gets hairballs. She also runs through the agricultural fields around us, which causes her to pick up stickers and foxtails in her fur.

Strykker ,

All cats get hair balls, that’s not a reason to cut their fur, it rarely grows back properly when you do.

dragontangram88 OP ,
@dragontangram88@lemmy.world avatar

My veterinarian said it was fine. In the past, he offered to have his staff shave her. During summer, the weather is typically above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, too. I shaved her a little early this year, but it is really for her own good.

Anyolduser ,

It really isn’t for her own good.

If your vet told you it was OK to cut her hair unnecessarily you need to find a new vet.

dragontangram88 OP ,
@dragontangram88@lemmy.world avatar

She had fox tails in her fur from running around outside. I’m not going to let fox tails stay in her fur. Every time I post something, someone has to comment with an angry reply about how they know the right way to do something and how the rest of the world is wrong. Go ahead, let your own cat live with fox tails in his or her fur.

Here is a vet that says using the clippers on a long haired cat is acceptable: youtu.be/zNOO6Kj6K7A?si=ioOc2yFNaZdn9lOH

TheFriar ,

It’s not like shaving a husky. For some cats, cutting their hair is fine. It’s not recommended for all cats, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. Most cat breeds don’t have an undercoat like huskies that gets messed up when you shave them. I actually don’t know of one that does.

If it were just for aesthetic purposes, yeah it’d not be good. But if a vet said it’s fine, chances are they made sure the cat’s situation and health and behavior were appropriate for a haircut.

There are other ways to control hairballs, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything too drastic for the wrong reasons.

LowtierComputer ,

Just to respond to your temperature comment, it has been down that trimming/shaving a cat’s hair can actually make it harder for them to stay cool.

cuchilloc ,

Drop it off the shelf!

getoffthedrugsdude ,

I’d call her Cloudy

MedicPigBabySaver ,
@MedicPigBabySaver@lemmy.world avatar


apprehentice ,

'Ey, check out my SoundCloud

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