givesomefucks ,

The mom leaves them alone for like 12-18 hours a day, but it will come back.

Too many people think if it's alone for an hour it needs saved.

The mom leaves the fawns alone for so long, because if they're walking around they're a liability. It won't be up and moving till it's off milk and learning to forage.

dohpaz42 , (edited ) avatar

Basically you’re saying that Mother Nature pioneered the Gen-X style of parenting?

Edit: I meant to say the parents of Gen-X’ers (Boomers), and not to infer it was the Gen-X’ers themselves. My apologies.

givesomefucks ,

How is Gen X getting blamed for that?

Helicopter parenting was just something boomers did because they tend to like micromanaging and assume they're the smartest ever.

Pretty much every generation (in America at least) that wasn't raised by boomers was "free range".

klemptor ,

Wait, what? I'm late Gen X, was raised by boomers as a free range, ride my bike everywhere latchkey kid, never got helicoptered. All my friends were the same.

givesomefucks ,

When people talk about generations, absolutely no one is ever going to mean 100% of people in that generation.

klemptor ,

Of course, but I know no Gen Xers who were raised how you describe. Maybe it's regional?

dohpaz42 , avatar

Oh. You know what, I get how you would think that. I meant the parents of Gen-X’ers. I’ll update. My apologies.

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