Weekly update: vaulted root cellar ( discuss.tchncs.de )

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the positive comments last week.

We managed to double the length of the vaulted roof, laying the 3rd and 4th slice, in four 3 to 4-hour sessions.


The bricks are from old dismantled buildings, still covered in lime cement and need to be submerged in water and brushed individually. My SO is doing the laying, and I'm cleaning + assessing each brick.


We also get better with putting a smaller amount of grout to avoid spilling, because it's going to be a lot of work to clean all the joints.


This week, we expect to be able to lay 2 additional rows, and next week do the last slice, finish the door lintel (new word!) and front wall.

Lastly, a picture of me, because you know, we're getting familiar in the c/Do It Yourself family <3 Have a great week everyone!


plactagonic ,

What will be inside? I bet some wine.

morgunkorn OP ,
@morgunkorn@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Ding Ding Ding! :) Wine racks, shelves with crates for flower bulbs, potatoes and other root vegetables... Which will mean we have to secure the entry, our (lovely) elderly neighbor has already mentioned coming over at night for a drink ^^

But it will probably serve as a tool shed for the coming year until we have the rest of the garden levelled and laid out, it's the first of many projects, we will come back to it for the aesthetics (lime render, floor tiling, door, outside cladding...).

plactagonic ,

I live in wine making region, so there are loads of these. Usually with house attached to it for wine making equipment.

When I want some wine I just go to the street with cellars, chose open one, ask and get some wine.

If it isn't obvious I work in brewery lol.

hemko ,

Damn that's cool

photonic_sorcerer ,
@photonic_sorcerer@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Looks like a really fun project, now I want to build one! What's that structure you're laying the bricks on called?

morgunkorn OP ,
@morgunkorn@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

I don't know all the words in English, as a Frenchman living in Germany :') Apparently it's a "wooden formwork", according to this page: http://mkolar.org/travel/Cechy/new-house/index.html

We were lucky, as our neighbor who is also renovating offered the steps of his old staircase. I modelled the thing in SketchUp to be able to measure all the angles and dimensions. We then made templates out of plywood for the 2 kinds of segments and used a flush router bit to reproduce the shape.


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