Back in the factory, building up for Tier 8 ( )

After a brief haitus I'm back in the factory! Currently working on our first big nuclear power plant again, and the resources needed for it. Today will probably be building a new quickwire factory to help that, and finishing automating turbomotors.

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Badeendje , avatar

Can't wait for final release.

I'm just wondering if I should get my blueprints in order and save a near empty world with a rail system pre installed.. I love the trains.

scrubbles OP Mod , avatar

I have so much fun with the trains! I run 4 track mainlines around the edge of the map, with 2 track branches to areas I need them at. Sub to my channel sometime, if you drop in I'd love to show you around. I think right now I have... 25 stations and well over 60 trains running at any time.

Blueprints will transfer, that's where I'd focus my time before 1.0 if you're waiting for that. I just load up an old save and build blueprints. Just remember blueprints unlock at Tier 3, so you won't be able to build anything with mk5 conveyors or anything at that level.

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