Oh dear... here's Captain Picard singing ***The Alphabet Song (psychedelic version!)***

Looks like it hasn’t been posted here yet, so… I’ll do the deed.

CONTEXT: the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3rFNbSKpEE was evidently made for an ailing Gene Roddenberry’s birthday, and later appeared on the https://antifandom.com/memory-alpha/wiki/TNG_Season_5_DVD#:~:text=A%20Tribute%20to%20Gene%20Roddenberry. Later, it appears that a fan took the original and tweaked it up a bit, adding music, and producing the crazy masterpiece in the link. I believe there’s also a ‘behind the scenes’ segment with more info, but I wasn’t able to find that just now.

And… that’s all I know!
Feel free, anyone else, to provide more context / background info. 😊


This is amazing. This is peak Internet. I absolutely love it. I’ll take 10


What did I just watch? O_o

Q … ?!?


The coming of the apocalypse, I presume! D:

But seriously, I was blown away when I first saw this, especially strange since it’s been around for… well over 10yrs I think?

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