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georgetakei , to Random
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Dragon1964 ,
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@georgetakei come on their trying! The blonde on the far right has a big butt and the dark skinned woman has some flab around the midsection. And the rest need a bowl of ice cream or something, their way too thin! Isn't that what body positivity is about? Accepting people as they are??

rbreich , to Random
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In his speech to the NRA, Trump yet again suggested he might serve more than two terms.

The 22nd Amendment bars that, but if the 14th Amendment didn't apply to him, why should any others?

If Trump wins, do you believe he will leave office at the end of a second term?

Dragon1964 ,
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@rbreich yes absolutely he will leave, but he will pretend like he's not going to first and make a show, but ultimately he's weak and just full of hot air. People mistake his constant demands and big talk as strength. It's not. It is infact exactly the opposite. Strip all that away and you have a sad little boy.

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