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I just like the fediverse and hope it does well.

Any pronouns

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This one made me laugh. Most I just find to be novel, silly, or interesting, but a fair few are pretty funny to me.

On Coining a New Term ( kbin.social )

Edit: alright I'm sticking this up here because a number of people seem confused--this post isn't trying to convince you that "fediverse" is a bad term--rather it's a discussion of why I think "threadiverse" is a good umbrella term, for the forum-based part of the fediverse specifically. (lemmy+kbin)...

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I agree that Threadiverse is the best choice for a name for combined Lemmy+Kbin. I think I’ll still just say Lemmy when introducing it to friends, but it’s definitely helpful to have an agreed-upon word that correctly represents that Lemmy and Kbin work together in a way that, for example, Lemmy and Mastodon don’t really.

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