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Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

This is my lemmy account because I got sick of how unstable kbin dot social was.

Mastodon: @stopthatgirl7

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Larian publishing director on mass layoffs: 'None of these companies are at risk of going bankrupt. They were just at risk of pissing off the shareholders' ( www.pcgamer.com )

Speaking with Game File (users will encounter a paywall) at the Game Developers Choice Awards, Larian director of publishing Michael Douse gave his take on the current state of the industry, including some sharp criticism on the wave after wave of mass layoffs we’ve been seeing....

Lyft and Uber say they will leave Minneapolis after city council forces them to pay drivers more ( apnews.com )

Lyft and Uber said they will cease operations in Minneapolis after the city’s council voted Thursday to override a mayoral veto and require that ride-hailing services increase driver wages to the equivalent of the local minimum wage of $15.57 an hour....

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Fingers crossed 2024 beats that at a walk.

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