It’s arch so it will probably require some manual interaction. Or maybe not. You should always check the arch website before running pacman -Syu.

Pantherina, avatar

I suppose you should nuke your dotfiles though and start new. There are always some small things that may duplicate or be deprecated etc.

mokazemi, avatar

That’s what I was thinking about, too. Deleting all dotfiles related to KDE stuff.


I didn’t have any issues switching back and forth between 5.27 and 6.0 RC1/RC2 while keeping most of my settings. Didn’t mess with dotfiles at all

Pantherina, avatar

Thats nice!

Rustmilian, avatar

Yes. It’s already available in the KDE Unstable Arch repo.
Once it’s made available in the main repo, EndeavorOS will have it.
It’s recommended to consult the migration guidelines when it releases.

MyNameIsRichard, avatar

Yeah, it should do.

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