Dynamic Wallpaper?

I'm relatively new to Fedora and Plasma and trying to understand it better. I see in the wallpaper selection that some of them have what looks to be a light and dark version. I'm using Kinoite and have one of these wallpapers chosen but do not ever see it change. Is this a bug? Should it change? On a similar but different note I...

Spring Potential Energy

Say a dissolvable spring is compressed with a bolt and nut that do not melt in a sulfuric acid solution. The spring has quite a bit of potential energy at this point since it is compressed. Assuming the spring dissolves perfectly (no breakage, just complete disintegration), what happens to the potential energy of the spring?

"make capslock an additional Ctrl" option was removed in the latest update

Running Endeavour OS Linux and just updated to plasma 6.0.5, framework 6.3.0, Qt version 6.7.1 on Wayland. I use capslock strictly as my brain refuses to learn using shift (I do touch type no problem), but as well know the capslock is very slow on Linux which always results in text like THis. So, I've found a fix for it online...

How dense would the atmosphere need to be to result in a cataclysmic chain reaction during a nuclear explosion?

Famously, Oppenheimer and co worked out how close a nuclear bomb test would be to causing a chain reaction of nitrogen fusion in the atmosphere. They made a lot of worst-case-scenario assumptions and still came to the conclusion that no, a nuclear bomb test wouldn’t scour the surface of the world....

tRNA suppressor mutation to transcribe nonsense mutations

Okay, so I know this might be a bit hyperspecific, but I don't know where else to ask it. I'm working through a microbiology lecture, and the professor says the the B strain of E. coli has a tRNA suppressor that allows it to transcribe phage genes that have any nonsense mutation. That seemed a bit vague, so I decided to look it...

Wall framing question: stud spacing between openings

I'm framing up a non-load-bearing wall that has two closet doors on it, close together (the king studs for the two openings are 13" apart). Unfortunately, they are aligned such that one of the 16" OC common studs would fall within that gap. In fact, it would only be 1/2" away from the left king stud, so not even anywhere near...

We shouldn't have to work 40 hours a week to afford a basic life. We do because our currency is constantly losing value. This is by design.

There's a lot of talk about inflation and its causes. Is it corporate greed? Supply chain issues? One clear base cause of inflation less talked about is having an inflationary currency supply. Any other inflation caused by supply chain issues, corporate greed, lack of market competition, etc is just added on top of that. Fiat...

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