"make capslock an additional Ctrl" option was removed in the latest update

Running Endeavour OS Linux and just updated to plasma 6.0.5, framework 6.3.0, Qt version 6.7.1 on Wayland. I use capslock strictly as my brain refuses to learn using shift (I do touch type no problem), but as well know the capslock is very slow on Linux which always results in text like THis. So, I've found a fix for it online and one of the steps is to enable the option "make capslock an additional Ctrl", but that's not gone :/
What to do?

Taffer ,
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I use a thing called kbct for remapping CapsLock to Control: https://github.com/samvel1024/kbct

Wine apparently uses so low level input routines, this was the only way I could find that works properly. Need Control in the right spot to play Final Fantasy XIV. 😄

penquin OP ,
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I'll check this out. Thank you.

fuzzy_feeling ,
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eager_eagle , (edited )
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try changing your ~/.config/kxkbrc:

# ... 
# ...

that's the file KDE's keyboard settings change.


  • caps:ctrl_modifier means "Make Caps Lock act as an additional Ctrl modifier, but keep identifying as Caps Lock"
  • ctrl:nocaps means Ctrl position -> "Caps Lock as Ctrl"
  • ctrl:swapcaps means Ctrl position -> "Swap Ctrl and Caps Lock"
codewiz ,
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I'm using 6.0.5 and I still see all three options in systemsettings.

I've always used ctrl:nocaps, what's the advantage of using caps:ctrl_modifier?

@eager_eagle @penquin

eager_eagle ,
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iirc one program (a game, I think) didn't work properly when I had nocaps: the keyboard settings would allow the keybind, but it didn't work in-game

penquin OP ,
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The thing is that I don't need the option "Make Caps Lock act as an additional Ctrl modifier, but keep identifying as Caps Lock"

The one I need is gone for some reason. I need the "make caps additional Ctrl"

eager_eagle ,
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But that does make caps work as ctrl. What's the behavior you want?

penquin OP , (edited )
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I want it to act as an additional Ctrl so I can fix the slow response of caps lock to prevent THis behavior

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