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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"

is a KDE tool for measuring software's consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with test scripts.


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Selenium automation for measuring software's energy consumption?

@prady0t wants to guide you!

Read about his Season of KDE 2024 work on documentation for AT-SPI, including video guides for the community.

"How Selenium Helps Build Sustainable Software (And More)"

Keep an eye here for the videos (coming soon)!


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Are you a interested in ? Do you like & other ? Consider joining the @opensuse channel group & lend your .

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Plasmashell inverts(flips?) screen after running a game? (X11/Plasma 6)

Hi, I'm using nvidia drivers. FOr whatever reason at times Plasmashell would get "cute" and flip the screen to the point I just run plasmashell --replace and everything goes back to normal...

Is there something... I could do ?


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@opensuse's & have @kde's new & plans are in the making for . Subtle distinctions & implications exist between them. users/devs can discover the specifics for each

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Speaking officially, I would caution users to please keep a level head regarding the current potential issues with Global Themes and other content from

The vast majority of the content there is probably fine to use, but this is all user generated content, and it is on you, as the end user, to protect yourself, and verify what these themes and plasmoids do, if you wish to use them.

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Upstream is having some very serious conversations about how to mitigate this issue, as are the folks that run (The host of regarding reporting and review.

It is just important to remember that your machines security ultimately rests in your hands, safeguards can be put in place, and will be, but it's still your machine, and it's possible to break things, no matter the software developers intentions.

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This year is participating in Season of KDE with two projects. Check out the progress of the students:

Implementing Multi-format Rendering:

Enabling editing of keyframe curves and advanced keyframe types:


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Attention people in Southern California! KDE is coming to town (to set up a booth a SCaLE21x).

Come visit us at @socallinuxexpo at the Pasadena Convention Center, enjoy some talks, meet KDE contributors, marvel at our technological... er... marvels, and have a good time!


An attendee to SCaLE20x poses in front of the KDE booth.
Mobile devices (3 phones and a tablet) running Plasma Mobile at KDE's booth at SCaLE20x.
Attendees to SCaLE20x try out a tablet and a phone powered by Plasma Mobile.

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@kde @cyberlyra @socallinuxexpo @kde @linmob @plasmamobile @postmarketOS Now that I can buy laptops with out of the box, I'd love to be able to buy a phone with OoB.

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KDE believes in the power of diversity and inclusion. Women* enrich our community, shaping more inclusive and accessible tech.

💡 Join us in embracing diversity, inclusion and . Be part of our Community to inspire inclusion:


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@kde @kde

In my experience is just as inclusive as anything else:

If you criticize the EU you are labeled as a "nationalist" and "far-right".

If you criticize vaccination obligations you are labeled as an "antivaxxer".

And so on.

Then you got banned with no right to appeal, just like everywhere else, just like in Middle Ages.

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How... do I log into lemmy, say KDE Social lemmy using my Mastodon account? @kde I'm not sure how this works 👴🏼👴🏼👴🏼

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One of the KDE Plasma features I use almost in daily basis is the MouseMark.

Go to your settings, in Desktop Effects, Enable the MouseMark (you can change the settings of it in the button in front of it). Then press Meta+Shift and move your mouse to doodle, or press and release Meta+Shift+Ctrl to define beginning and end of an arrow (it will draw the rest.

Interestingly enough, it have been in Plasma for the past 16 years:

@kde @kde

The webpage of in Firefox tab, on which I have drawn two red arrows pointing at the "Plasma" word, and hand-drawn a check mark over "for Linux".

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So far, I have to say that my experience sucks.

The theme I was using doesn't work. The icons all suck. EventCalendar, which was synced to my Google calendar is dead. Vivaldi looks like crap. The panel at the bottom of my screen is floating up probably 100 pixels, leaving useless space below it, I can't find a way to sink it to the actual bottom of the screen. I had increased all my font sizes because my eyes are bad, they have all shrunk and changing the font sizes and the interface percentage doesn't fix it.

So far, not a happy experience @kde

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KDE Plasma 6 has been released! 🥳

KDE Plasma 6 is available in the next version of Fedora Kinoite today!

Warning! This is a pre-beta Fedora release that may have bugs. Feedback welcomed!

To try it, you can install Fedora Kinoite 39 and rebase to Fedora 40 on the command line or directly install it using the Kinoite dvd-ostree ISO from:

Screenshots coming soon! 🙂

Big thank you to KDE developers and the KDE SIG!

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I would jump into the KDE Connect Matrix room: and the KDE Mac room: to discuss. Builds are now done on GitLab directly, but it may be the case that nobody has set up the CI builds.

More information:

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So I recently ran across this post and thread by @vwbusguy, and I would like to try to address some of the questions/misconceptions/etc that come up in the thread.

If you have questions, please, ask. What we do with isn't identical to what does with their , but many of the concepts for the end user are going to be similar/the same.

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@alxlg That's fair, I'm not going to pretend that isn't going to require more disk space than the equivalent at the moment.

It's just not something that we're concerning ourselves with at this point, but I certainly can understand that it's a concern for some users.

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You know how a lot of people say they would love to contribute to Free Software but can't code? No more! Become a KDE Booth Buddy and help out at ScaLE!

This is @druonysus and he needs help managing the KDE booth at Scale 21x.[email protected]/111887967308318720

If you are located in or visiting the Los Angeles area on the days of the event, DM Drew so you can just turn up and help!


Bigou ,

@kde @druonysus @kde L.A. is a bit far for me, but I do hope he get lot of helpers.

And while I’m at it, thanks to all the good people at for their excellent work on Plasma and all their apps.
(I just wish Kmail wasn’t that far embedded into the desktop env’, so I could uninstall it without causing problem in my system, since I don’t use it. But that’s just me nitpicking, and might even be more a distro problem than a Plasma/KDE one.)

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Plasma 6 RC2 is now out! Ask Us Anything about this release and the upcoming Megarelease in general TODAY, Jan. 31, on Reddit and Lemmy at 6 pm UTC

This is the final test release before KDE publishes Plasma 6.0, Gear 24.02, Frameworks 6 on February 28.

If you would like to find out more, developers of all these things will be answering questions today, Jan 31, live on Reddit and Lemmy at 6 pm. Join us!


A view of Plasma 6 with a dark theme, and windows showing the system settings.
KDE developers David Redondo, Nate Graham, and Josh Goins.

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@kde @kde Can you release it as a flatpak? ;)😏

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There's some mismatch between Linux kernel 3.10 and that wants to use clone3 to create a process thread.

Do I know anyone from @kde @kde who is able to assist with debugging it further?

The system call clone3 has been added to linux 5.3 but it seems that KDE does not do any fallback in case the system call is rejected with EPERM.

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The Akademy news you've all been waiting for is here! 🎉

is happening in Würzburg, Germany, and online, from Saturday, 7th to Thursday, 12th September. Mark your calendars!

For more details, visit


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Plasma 6 Release Candidate 1 has landed.

We are less than 50 days away from the final version of .

Along with Frameworks 6 and KDE Gear 24.02, the Megarelaease on the 28th of February will be one of the biggest and more complex upgrades in KDE's history.

One more RC will be released on the 31st of January and then it will be (hopefully) clear sailing until the final release.


Screencap of Plasma 6, showing Settings app, System monitor and the Discover software manager.
Screencap of Plasma 6 showing the Settings app open on the KDE Connect page, and an open KDE Connect widget.

gorky ,

@kde @kde
Looking forward to get my hands on it...
Kudos to the team.

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yeah i reported my first bug to


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With every update of new issues to fix appear.. I am happy that it's evolving, following development closely (in a VM) .. @kde

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