Paragone ,

A psychiatrist explained to me, years ago, that women are much more likely to attempt suicide, but by using less-violent means, are much less-likely to succeed in terminating their lives.

Males are less likely to try it, but more likely to succeed.

Girls/women usually try pills, overdoses, guys usually try something violent.

See the "more suicides are tried by girls & women" part of the equation, not just the "more successful suicides are by males" part of the equation.

( I've faint marks from when I opened both wrists with a scalpel-blade, when I was about 10yo, and haven't had the guts to intentionally make-absolutely-certain of my termination .. perhaps-ever.

Both parts of the equation I'm identifying are offensive/wrong, and mis-representing of what's actually going on, as various "activist" factions do, is what I'm attacking. )

gapbetweenus ,

Sad article. I think it really has a lot to do with how men a raised - especially that parents and peers “tell” boys to suppress their negative emotions. The only permitted male emotion was anger, but anger does not jive with out modern society. And at least for me, even with parents sporting my emotional expressions - it took long time and a predominantly female social circle to be able to really access my feelings.

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