ShimmeringKoi , avatar

…And that is why they will not be doing it

PowerCrazy ,

Unrelated to the fact that giving money to corporations never results in what the money is allocated for, bills can be marked as being immune to government shutdowns. The military, for example, never “shuts down.” There is no reason that any other agency would need to either. Just add the provision in your funding bill that the agency is to be automatically funded at a the previous budget + inflation, in the case no appropriations have been passed.

givesomefucks ,

We’ve funded it multiple times, giving the telecoms billions and then them not doing it again won’t solve anything.

We need to acknowledge that it’s a public utility and those shouldn’t be managed by private corporations.

chronicledmonocle ,

Pretty much. We paid for the damn infrastructure. It should be OURS.

givesomefucks ,

Paid for it at least 3 times.

Billions of taxpayer dollars to giant corporations who just keep asking for it again a few years later

leanleft , avatar

heres one way to fight back
part of the challenge is laziness. also tech incompetence.
its nice to hear stories of people succeeding and making it look easy.

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