CCMan1701A ,

It’s so well organized. I’m impressed by that over anything.

Kolanaki , avatar

Dat editor’s update tho.

Editors’ Note, April 2, 2024: After publication, The Times learned that Troy and Andrew Nelson were named in a civil lawsuit filed in Pierce County Superior Court in 1998, in which they were accused of molesting three disabled adults in a state-licensed facility that they operated. After a six-week jury trial, Washington State was ordered to pay $17.8 million to the plaintiffs. The state said it intended to appeal but missed the deadline and paid the victims. The Nelson brothers denied the allegations and were never criminally charged.

askryan ,

Oh. Wow. Yikes.

Stormygeddon ,

Holy moly, that collection truly is a counterpoint to the sentiment that Star Trek is under-merchandized.

I may be an only child, but that story about fraternal love and grief still got to me.

wahming ,
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