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These two episodes were really enjoyable. Discovery is not my favorite Trek series but I have been looking forward to this final season.

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Book and Saru are examples of positive masculinity on television, what does that mean to you?

Doug Jones: Thank you for thinking I am masculine at all.

lol legend

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Add this to the list. One day I will make the “trek” to the TOS set recreation in NY too.

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CBS Chief Says Star Trek Remains A Priority For Paramount, Answers Why ‘Legacy’ Has Not Been Greenlit

Some interesting quotes herein.


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I’m not but I also was not interested in a show about a space station and that turned out to be my absolute favorite so I will judge it on its own merits.

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The title is a misquote:

“We wrote nine episodes at one point and the network was like, ‘No, we don’t really understand this, it’s a bit too sci-fi, it’s a bit too in- Star Trek.’”

A weird choice Trekmovie is usually better than this

EDIT I see it was already addressed

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lol I like “Jorg”

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Is this a copypasta joke I don’t get or are you just giving an unsolicited opinion in a thread on a completely unrelatd topic

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