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vestmoria OP ,

because he engages, won't disengage and I don't know how to politely tell him to piss off.

I don't want drama and people like this have a tendency for that.

can you help me formulate an answer to a colleague who is not my boss but feels entitled to tell me how I have to work?

the colleague in question feels that only her way of doing things is the right one and expects me to adapt to her way of thinking and her logic. This is tiring and burdensome because I have to force me to stop doing things automatically and efficiently, but think how she wants it done and do it her way. I work worse when this...

vestmoria OP ,

career: are you paying for my certifications and the financial penalty I’d take? it’s a 3 year minimum for any bachelor.

workplace: how do you know the new place is going to be better?

you are a coworker and have a conflict with another coworker who accuses you of being lazy, even though you started to work earlier than him. Is it your job to solve this problem?

I’m literally not a manager, I’m the newest employee here and this other coworker sits and talks to a female coworker that likes the attention for the first 50 minutes after clocking in. They don’t work and nobody seems to care. Infuriating as it is, I think this is not my problem to solve....

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