Alright, I’ll say it and then run off to hide under my piano - Season 1 of “New” Frasier is better than Season 1 of the previous series.


Love the show. Not a fan of the sequel. But I can run through the original. Niles and Daphne were a great match, and they got together without making either character less for it.


I loved the insurance woman and the black woman. Sorry I don’t remember their names. Yes they were annoying but that was the point.

I only really dislike Frasiers first wife, Diane, and the wheelchair guy.


Frasier’s first wife was Nanette. Diane left him at the altar. Frasier’s second wife was Lilith.


skip it


Niles should have ended up with Poppy. Or at least that should have been a longer term storyline. They had chemistry.




Been said before: Frasier is the most boring character on the show.

Just look at the reboot. No Niles = no good.

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Makes perfect sense, he’s the straight man who’s constantly surrounded on all sides by chaos and people he doesn’t really jive with. He’s caught between two worlds and struggles to find others that are on the same wavelength.

He’s not as snooty as the high society he wants for himself, but he’s also not as down to earth as most. His lifestyle and the people he’s got in his life push his buttons which causes the reactions that make the character so beloved.

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