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Report: ChatGPT search engine could be announced as early as next week

OpenAI's announcement would be the day before Google's annual I/O show.

LLS , avatar

@arstechnica Slop engine wars
Facts? Collateral damage

YurkshireLad , avatar

@arstechnica are they using OpenAI to write their OpenAI announcement, and if so, will it make any sense?

johnefrancis , avatar

@arstechnica is it hallucinating URLs?

vaguelytagged , avatar

@arstechnica sentiment is bad but hear me out. What if instead of using it as a black box for questions and answers it’s used as a replacement for web crawlers to build the index for the browser? It’s probably still not better than Google but maybe it makes it less trash than current chatgpt?

comradevlast , avatar

@arstechnica This thing won't work worth a shit but it will be absolute comedy gold

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