We've crossed the threshold, and there's been no damage to the nacelles

I’m thrilled to announce that in eight months, !startrek has reached the 10 000 subscriber milestone.

Whether you’re a local user or visiting from across the Fediverse, thank you for helping to make this a great place to be.

Whatever comes next, I’m confident it will have zero side effects.

Salamander Janeway and Paris from “Threshold”


IDIC, thank you very much Lemmy Corps of Engineers

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What a perfect ending sentence and picture.

I could imagine a few other ways this could have gone, that might have conveyed a bit different message. Like:

Welcome to the game, newbs!

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Thank you for all that you do!

I remember it took much longer to grow /r/StarTrek to 2K users back in the day. Nice to see some people in that (14yr!) old thread still here with us in this brave new frontier of nerding out on the internet.

Stamets, (edited )
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Thank you for all that you do

Considering you’re @Admin, this feels a little like patting yourself on the back and incredibly disingenuous.

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It’s not drama to point out you using alternate accounts to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for your own work. Maybe you should take responsibility for criticism instead of deleting and hiding from it.

Stamets, (edited )
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I mean… currently I’m limiting myself to this thread to call you out and ask a question. You are using an alternate account to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for your own work. Why?

You keep removing the comment. I’m going to keep making it. That comment existed with no response for 24 hours before someone removed it. I’m not going to stop making this comment. So you can either leave it up and let it fade into obscurity like it already did before someone over there needed to show off, or I keep making this comment but I start making it elsewhere as well.

Your choice.

Edit: I do know who it it is removing the comments. So like I said. It’s up to you. Let this fade away into obscurity where no one even notices it or don’t.



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