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bermuda , in What Is PragerU: Controversial Conservative Platform Entering Classrooms In Florida And Oklahoma

and it’s been accused of producing content that functions “as dog whistles to the extreme right.”

A lot of it’s not even a dogwhistle. A lot of their content is extreme right.

ShellMonkey , in Supreme Court unanimously decides to preserve access to widely used abortion medication
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So a technicality, lack of standing rather than rejecting it on merit. Hard to call it a resounding win, but it's something.

autotldr Bot , in Supreme Court unanimously decides to preserve access to widely used abortion medication

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The nine justices ruled that abortion opponents lacked the legal right to sue over the federal Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the medication, mifepristone, and the FDA’s subsequent actions to ease access to it.

The plaintiffs in the mifepristone case, anti-abortion doctors and their organizations, argued in court papers that the FDA’s decisions in 2016 and 2021 to relax restrictions on getting the drug were unreasonable and “jeopardize women’s health across the nation.”

Kavanaugh acknowledged what he described as the opponents’ “sincere legal, moral, ideological, and policy objections to elective abortion and to FDA’s relaxed regulation of mifepristone.”

In the end, Kavanaugh wrote, the anti-abortion doctors went to the wrong forum and should instead direct their energies to persuading lawmakers and regulators to make changes.

Those comments pointed to the stakes of the 2024 election and the possibility that an FDA commissioner appointed by Republican Donald Trump, if he wins the White House, could consider tightening access to mifepristone.

Abortion opponents initially won a sweeping ruling nearly a year ago from U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Trump nominee in Texas, which would have revoked the drug’s approval entirely.

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autotldr Bot , in Sandy Hook survivors to graduate with mixed emotions without 20 of their classmates | NPR

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But about 60 of the 330 kids graduating Wednesday will also be carrying the emotional burden that comes from having survived one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history and knowing many former classmates won't get to walk across the stage with them.

Soon, these Sandy Hook survivors will be leaving the community that many call a "bubble" because of the comfort and protection it's provided from the outside world.

Many of the survivors said they continue to live with the trauma of that day: Loud noises still cause them to jump out of their seats, and some always keep an eye on a room's exits.

All five seniors have been active in the Junior Newtown Action Alliance and its anti-gun violence efforts, saying they want to prevent shootings from happening through gun control and other measures.

Last week, several of them met with Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House to discuss their experiences and call for change.

Ehrens said she plans to study political science and the law, with the aim of becoming a politician or civil rights lawyer.

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t3rmit3 , in In sweeping change, Biden administration to ban medical debt from credit reports | ABC News

Better late than never. Kudos to him.

The credit system is a scam, and shouldn't exist.

Powderhorn Mod , in In sweeping change, Biden administration to ban medical debt from credit reports | ABC News
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Tread lightly with the impact of this. Medical debt already doesn't affect credit scores.

Scary_le_Poo ,
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However, of you apply for a loan and they look at your credit report, they will see outstanding medical debt which very well could affect whether you get the loan.

Max_P , in She was sentenced to prison for voting. Her story is part of a Republican effort to intimidate others.
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Felons should be able to vote, even while in prison. Otherwise you just have to make sure your political opponents are all charged with a felony and skew and keep skewing the results because those people can never vote to potentially make their crime no longer a crime.

Like, if they ever make it a crime to be gay, now they've basically also stopped gays from being able to vote on the issue. That's not good democracy.

millie , in In sweeping change, Biden administration to ban medical debt from credit reports | ABC News

Oh.. Is this why my credit is garbage? I assumed it was the bank accounts I lit on fire when I was a teenager.

harrys_balzac ,

Well, that as well.

Having medical debt removed from your credit report may not impact your score a lot but it does help when applying for any loans where they do actually look at your report.

pimento64 , in Alarming Report Warns Of ‘Greatest Threat To American Democracy You’ve Never Heard Of’

One of the cornerstones of the religion they profess to follow is that followers will be beset by false prophets who try to lead the faithful into wickedness. It's the origin of the idiom "wolf in sheep's clothing". Followers of Jesus are then advised that they'll be able to tell who's who the same way you can tell that rotten fruit means a fig tree is blighted: you will know them by their fruits. In other words, if you listen to the warning and take even the slightest notice of what Jesus tells you is the right way to live, you won't be led astray by people who pretend to be spiritual authorities but preach things Jesus said are bad things for any human to do, such as proclaming their own righteousness, claiming to be more Godly than you, and openly seeking riches and power. Whether you believe in Christianity or not, what it comes down to is that these people are "following God" in a way they are, word for word, told not to. By God.

It's like if you tried to start up a Anarcho-Capitalist club and then immediately set up a hierarchical power structure and began extracting dues from the members to fund a project that disproportionately benefits the poorer members. It's like if you taught a class on healthy eating and then began extolling the benefits of swallowing batteries.

tardigrada OP , in She was sentenced to prison for voting. Her story is part of a Republican effort to intimidate others.

After the Trump verdict, most Republicans say they're OK with having a criminal as president

Last week, Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony charges in the hush-money case against him. Compared to before the verdict, the biggest changes we found in a post-conviction poll conducted between May 31 and June 2 are in Republicans' positions on felony, crime in general, and the presidency. They have shifted in a way that puts the verdict in a more favorable light and keeps Trump's candidacy viable. For example, fewer Republicans think it should be illegal to pay hush money for the purposes of influencing an election than did a year ago, and more now say felons should be allowed to become president than did a few months ago.

KoboldCoterie , in U.S. Pets Economy
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Kind of hate slide 1. There's no point in specifying 'in billions of USD' if you're only including percentages. The entire pie chart could represent a trillion dollars, or $25, and they wouldn't have to change a single thing about it.

Edit: Ah, I see, you can hover over them to see the values. Useless as a static image and useless on my phone.

data_graffiti OP ,

correct, static image and phone doesn't show absolute number

LibertyLizard , in Senate's bipartisan talks on ICC sanctions break down
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It seems absolutely insane to me that there is any level of support for this idea. What is even the allegation against the ICC? That it did something that undermined US geopolitical interests? It’s not an international court if it’s the puppet of a single country.

trevron ,

The US gov wants everyone to pretend that they are the true beacon of peace and democracy as they go around bullying other countries for their lunch money.

Look at the hague invasion act passed in 2002. They have always known that the court might hold them accountable for malicious acts in the region.

Imagine the US invading the Netherlands to protect war criminals. Absolutely no global credibility after that.

LibertyLizard ,
@LibertyLizard@slrpnk.net avatar

Damn that is a wild law but it came out of the bush administration and focuses on US citizens. This current bit is even more surprising to me, particularly because it’s being supported by democrats too. Democrats usually at least like to come up with a reasonable sounding excuse for their military aggression but I don’t even see that here.

autotldr Bot , in Four US college instructors stabbed in public park in China

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Four US university tutors are in hospital after they were stabbed by an unknown assailant at a public park in China.The Iowa Cornell College instructors were injured in a "serious incident" during a daytime visit to the park in Jilin province, northern China, a college statement said.Iowa Representative Adam Zabner said his brother, David, was one of the four injured in the incident, which he described as a stabbing.He said the group had been visiting a local temple on Monday when they were attacked by a man with a knife.Mr Zabner said his brother had been stabbed in the arm at Beishan Park and was recovering in hospital.

"He has not yet been released this morning but he's doing ok," he told CBS News.A US State Department spokesperson told the BBC they were aware of reports of a stabbing incident in Jilin, but could not provide more information.Cornell College said the four instructors had been teaching "as part of a partnership with a university in China".

The group had been accompanied by a member of Beihua University at the time of their visit to the park on Monday.Chinese authorities are yet to respond on the incident, however images of the aftermath were quickly shared on social media.Images circulating appear to show at least three people bleeding and lying on the ground.

However the incident appears to have been quickly censored on China's internet.

On Tuesday, searches for terms such as "foreigners Jilin" produced no results despite the search term trending on Weibo.Internet users instead resorted to discussions under adjacent topics while some were also seen asking for more information about the incident.There have also few reports about the incident in Chinese state media.Mr Zabner said his brother, a Tufts University doctoral student, had visited China before and was on his second trip to the country with Cornell College.Amid tense diplomatic relations, Beijing and Washington have sought to re-establish people-to-people exchanges in recent times.Chinese President Xi Jinping has unveiled a plan to invite 50,000 young Americans to China in the next five years, while Chinese diplomats say a travel advisory by the US State Department has discouraged Americans from going to China.

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Wahots , in NY Gov Hochul delays controversial NYC congestion pricing plan ‘indefinitely’.
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15 billion dollars lost, lol. Way to choke at the worst possible time. Good luck making up that shortfall.

CrimeDad OP ,

Yes, allegedly $1 billion per year over the next fifteen years plus $500 million for the tolling infrastructure. However, the MTA board could override the governor if they really need the money.

Domiku , in NY Gov Hochul delays controversial NYC congestion pricing plan ‘indefinitely’.

Oh this is absolute bullshit

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