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My husband has been looking for a refill since Friday but no pharmacies in our area have any. He has a different medication left over from when his psych switched meds for him so he’s been using that, but it’s eventually going to run out if more shipments don’t come in. He switched medications for a reason too, his old one has side effects he really doesn’t like.

It’s just so fucking frustrating. I feel like people don’t understand this can literally kill people. Many people with ADHD drive and being off your medication is a risk factor for being in a wreck because, surprise, driving requires attention! Even for those that don’t drive, most of them walk and will do so near cars. People with untreated ADHD are more likely to die for a reason, there’s just too many ways that being momentarily inattentive can kill you.

ADHD is still viewed as a moral flaw by many, consciously or subconsciously, along with the belief that you can/should just will yourself out of it. But it’s a developmental disorder. The parts of the brain that are supposed to be responsible for all the things people with ADHD struggle with didn’t fully cook. You can’t just self manage yourself out of your brain not being fully cooked. These meds are necessary and I could peck the eyes out of the stupid fucks at the DEA that decided to crack down twice as hard to make up for their fuck ups with the opioid crisis.

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the DEA that decided to crack down twice as hard to make up for their fuck ups with the opioid crisis.

Frankly, the DEA should not be at blame or fault for the opioid crisis. The crisis was a capitalistic creation, where we did not have appropriate regulation on the interaction between the drug designers (those who profited) and the drug prescribers (those who gave access). The drug designers pursued a method to maximize profits by paying the prescribers to prescribe their product and incentivizing them to maximize how much they prescribed. This is no longer an issue in today’s society because we have regulated this interaction via the STARK law and other similar legislation.

The DEA should not have any authority over medical drugs. This used to be solely the purview of the FDA, prior to the DEAs creation, and they did a perfectly fine job of managing this. The DEA was created when we decided to start the war on drugs, which has been an overwhelming failure. The DEA having purview over drugs which are not used in the medical context is perfectly fine to me, but giving them authority over drugs used for medicine feels out of scope and rife with potential issue.

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The DEA certainly shares some fault for the opioid crises, as the widespread use of fentanyl is a direct result of actions intended to suppress heroin

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Arguably its a direct result of fentanyl’s ease of synthesis and import from overseas

but more importantly I’m talking about the creation of the epidemic in the first place, not on addicts switching from one opioid to another… the whole thing is complicated but ultimately drug enforcement is neither the source of the problem nor the solution.

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I have no respect for the DEA. It has been 6 months since my medication was genericized and 5 months since I’ve been able to get a refill for my medication. I have been treated like an addict. I have even accused of planning a robbery by one pharmacist, because I asked if he had my medication in stock. All I want to is to keep my job and pay my mortgage.

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    I looked into this a bit but it seems like the reputable ones don’t ship controlled substances even with a prescription, unfortunately.

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