NY Gov Hochul delays controversial NYC congestion pricing plan ‘indefinitely’. ( www.cnn.com )

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NY Gov Hochul delays controversial NYC congestion pricing plan ‘indefinitely’.

I'm sure lots of revenue will be missed now that NYC congestion tolling has been killed, but was it earmarked for specific mass transit projects or was it just going to be used to hire more cops and whatnot?

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Wahots ,
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15 billion dollars lost, lol. Way to choke at the worst possible time. Good luck making up that shortfall.

CrimeDad OP ,

Yes, allegedly $1 billion per year over the next fifteen years plus $500 million for the tolling infrastructure. However, the MTA board could override the governor if they really need the money.

Domiku ,

Oh this is absolute bullshit

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“After careful consideration I have come to the difficult decision that implementing the planned congestion system risks too many unintended consequences for New Yorkers at this time,” Hochul said during a video briefing from her office in Manhattan.

A source familiar with the Governor’s plan said Hochul pushed for the delay due to concerns about affordability and the potential impact to the city’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Congestion pricing has been fiercely opposed by some members in the state legislature and New York’s congressional delegation, including some who represent districts outside the five boroughs and worry the toll will result in political backlash from their constituents in a crucial election year, which was part of the governor’s calculus in opting for the delay, the sources said.

City Councilmember Joe Borelli, a Republican who represents parts of Staten Island where the plan is deeply unpopular, said the governor’s decision was blatantly political.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, who represents a congressional district that largely covers a swathe of southern Brooklyn, sought to take a middle path.

“To the extent immediate implementation of congestion pricing is being reconsidered, Leader Jeffries supports a temporary pause of limited duration to better understand the financial impact on working class New Yorkers who have confronted a challenging inflationary environment as a result of the pandemic.

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