PrincessLeiasCat ,

Always have been.

shartworx , avatar

This is rhetorical, right?

slazer2au ,

What do you mean will? They have.

ivanafterall , avatar

Oooooooh, they're tryin'!

Sanctus , avatar

Is there anything for us to do about this? The fact this isn't instantly dismissed is scary and insane.

yessikg , avatar

Unions and voting

southsamurai , avatar

Luckily, once you push enough people hard enough, you end up with an angry army. Look back at the history of anti union efforts and how many ended up with the workers striking in multiple uses of the word.

e_t_ Admin ,

Also look back on the history of the French Revolution and how many aristocrats literally lost their heads.

eran_morad ,


stembolts ,

I mean. They know best.

After all, there are tons of them and only a few of us right. Not like being a billionaire is a mental illness rooted in hoarding or anything like that. They're totally stable and normal. Just look at all of the vocal billionaires in the world, they are always saying sensible and relatable things.

Power makes you awesome, absolute power makes you absolutely awesome! No side affects!

some_guy ,

Eh, I’d rather a billionaire weigh in. I don’t trust the opinion of a lowly pleb.

stembolts ,

Can anybody get ahold of Ja Rule?!

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