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recapitated OP ,

I think I imagine myself running the washer daily, and washing a couple oddball dishes here and there.

I’m in my 40s and I’m getting my first dishwasher, so I’m used to needing to do a load at the sink for a half hour a day.

If I understand things right, my drying rack seems like it would be smaller than an 18" washer, so for the day to day operations (the time that really stacks up fast), running daily would still be a major improvement.

That said, I know how convenience is compelling, so the big question is do I want the added luxury of 6 inches wide haha… I don’t know.

recapitated OP ,

Every day? Why do you say that?

recapitated OP ,

On the concern of replacing an 18" dishwasher if it fails - I see a variety of brands and models from a variety of retailers that are available within the week. The 18" size is not standard but it is also not so rare that I think replacement would be a concern.

I’m sure this will change when I get used to it, but I see a dishwasher as a luxury, I don’t think I’ll be too upset if I have to wash dishes for one week.

I think my main concern is really limited to whether the size is large enough and whether the machines available are of an acceptable quality.

recapitated OP ,

That is a great angle for a design question.

I think I, the person, will open the dishwasher door and interact with its contents more frequently than any base cabinet. But any cabinet that has stuff in it is being used perpetually.

So I think the question is where is the best equilibrium of value; volume of dirty dish space or volume of clean stuff space.

The way I see things now is that my family of three produces one drying rack worth of hand washed dishes per day, which is a smaller volume than an 18inch dishwasher.

On the other hand, the layout with the 24" washer and 90 degree cabinet configuration wastes less space than the 18" one at a 45 degree angle, but it also has less aesthetic (and ergonomic) appeal.

Another consideration is the cabinet design is hugely simplified in the 24" option, and as a “beginner” “cabinet maker” (ie someone who will do it exactly once in their life), that might be a less risky bet.

recapitated OP ,

Yeah this is a really excellent point thank you. I was actually thinking about ergonomics of the workspace above, but the bending, twisting and reaching is going to be an issue.

I can see how the 45deg plan could make the racks less accessible, especially for the shorter armed members of my house.

Even if loading from the front was equivalent to loading from the side, my plan would encourage you to load from the corner, which is probably not great.

recapitated OP ,

I’m “borrowing” a 20-something-year-old Maytag (24in) that I bought from habitat restore, to test my kitchen mock up, and honestly it works great.

I’ll probably just polish it up and fix a door pulley and call it a day.

recapitated ,

I think it looks deliberate. I say keep it.

recapitated ,

And when you’re cruising in a Chevy and you feel something heavy, diarrhea Cha cha

recapitated ,

I’m not gonna stop loving honey bees or good dogs even if you do have a morally superior point.

recapitated ,

Yeah I mean mad magazine was talking about gen x like this back in the 90s. But the media needs to pretend everything today is new or they’d have nothing to print.

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