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waspentalive OP ,

I just checked to see if Touch and Drag was on - it was off.
I turned off "whole screen servo", but I am not sure what that really is, I thought it was for video.

waspentalive OP ,

I put the focus marker on the subject where I want the focus to be, then I would hold the shutter button down part way and re-compose the shot, then press the shutter button the rest of the way to shoot.

waspentalive OP ,

I see - Getting that shot is a lot harder than mine - trees and flowers don't move as fast as racecars. My eye is especially pleased by shots that use depth of field.

So there might be a way for me to designate a subject and then have the camera watch that subject while it moves through shadow or bright light and also maintain proper focus while I decide the proper framing and the moment to record?

waspentalive OP ,


I tried several things and lost track of some of them. It seems my focus point is staying put now - it is just off-center but close enough to make me happy.

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