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@kde @kde
Is there an option in plasma to snap mouse pointer automatically to default button in a dialog box?

talesofaprinny ,
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Installed KDE Neon today but the whole tray area popup is not working?

Updated everything using pkcon update. After installing everything works fine it just that there's nothing when you try to open things like wife selector or power management features.


talesofaprinny OP ,
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@vaseline @kde Haha, oh man I didn't notice. Sadly unavailable 🥹

Metype ,
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Yeah, been driving KDE Neon for a month or so now and on first install it was a mess without several update and reboot cycles. Really stable since but day one was really rough.

kdenlive ,
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The second maintenance release of the 24.02 series is out with performance optimizations when moving clips in the timeline and across multiple project bins, packaging improvements to macOS and Windows versions and fixes to copy/paste of effects, rotoscoping, Nvidia encoding among others.



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@kde @matrix @kde I'm talking about an apparent aggravated risk of self-harm and suicide among young people. This is the for-profit company charged with implementing the standards you will develop, and I'd like to understand to which extent both organizations share infrastructure, for example personnel and funding. Are these two fully independent entities, or are they part of the same umbrella organization?

matrix ,
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@oceane @kde @kde You can learn some more about the relationship between the two in this blog post from our Managing Director: https://matrix.org/blog/2023/10/26/hello-world/

New Vector/Element does have outsized influence as the company founded by folks who created Matrix, and as the #1 contributor to upstream, but the Foundation's job is to be vendor neutral and a fiercely independent steward as one would hope to see with any FOSS foundation.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

leafeon ,
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@M600 @kde @kde you can change the grey color to be whatever color you want in the theme settings

be4foss ,
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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"


is a KDE tool for measuring software's consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with test scripts.


be4foss ,
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Selenium automation for measuring software's energy consumption?

@prady0t wants to guide you!

Read about his Season of KDE 2024 work on documentation for AT-SPI, including video guides for the community.

"How Selenium Helps Build Sustainable Software (And More)"


Keep an eye here for the videos (coming soon)!


rollingflower ,

I am always surprised about the amount of optimization we see in core components still today.

But yes, Electron, web tech, ads, blur, animations, are all the opposite.

Blort Bot ,
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I would really love to see KDE Eco's power optimization efforts combine with Plasma Mobile's phone shell work so we can benefit both from longer battery life on and at the same time get the environmental benefits, too!

@prady0t @kde @kde

kde ,
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The KStars project releases version 3.7.0 of the app for education and astronomy aficionados🪐🌠.

Apart from it's inbuilt planetarium, KStars 3.7.0 helps you improve the focus of your astrophotography, adds features that match the simulated view and what you see through your telescope, improves comparing multiple images, and makes scheduling your observations easier.



kdenlive , (edited )
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spotted in the wild in the TV show "Helgoland 513"


kde ,
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We have now reached (and surpassed) 1000 Supporting Members! 🎉

But as KDE grows and takes on more and more ambitious projects, the effort to raise funds also increases.

If you would like to help, please consider becoming a supporting member and get your name inscribed in Plasma's Hall of Fame:


Or, if you prefer, you can make a one time donation:



Animation showing Plasma 6's "Welcome Center" and a scrolling list of people who have become Supporting Members.

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@kde @kde gnome user here, but happy to hear your good news, keep it up!!

rollingflower ,

You can run a distro in a VM and test software there. Or you help with translations, and a lot more


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@kde @fossasia @kde U.S. when?

kde OP ,
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mina ,
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The cropping in spectacle is a feature, I wasn't waiting for, but will definitely love!

Thank you for thinking of that!

@kde @kde

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⚠️ BEWARE ⚠️ Scammers are targeting Kdenlive users

Scammers are still circulating fake emails targeting users and content creators.

Remain vigilant and be cautious of any unsolicited communications claiming to be affiliated with us. We DO NOT send any emails offering promotional opportunities, advertising integrations or any promotional collaboration.

Our communications are done through Mastodon, Twitter and through emails from kde.org and kdenlive.org domains.


jlow ,
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jigmedatse ,
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@kdenlive @kde Um? What? This really sucks. (and yes I just uninstalled kdenlive on my machine as with much kde/qt stuff it was ending up breaking other updates).

kde ,
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We write all recipes for our juiciest empanadas in our notebooks. Version 1.1.0 available now!


Flatpak coming today!


Lu ,
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@kde @kde
How2basic (best version + remix)
You'll need:

  • 1 meat.
  • 1 stuff.
  • 1 meat.
  • Flour.
  • 23 eggs.
  • 1 meat.

Step-for-step guide:

  1. Mix.
  2. cook.
  3. Feast.
makeawishkid ,

When using the flatpak version (on PopOS), how do I change the folder location of where these files are saved?

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