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Und überhaupt ich brauche ein superstabiles aktuelles mit Gnome und langen Sicherheitsupdates, was nehmt ihr denn da so?

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I’m on the hunt for a typed-note app to catalog my historical research and blurbs

Hard Requirements:

  • support
  • tags
  • search
  • local storage option


  • rich text formatting / markdown
  • image support
  • iOS app

So far, I’m hovering over Joplin and Simplenote. However, open to other suggestions. 🤗

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Well f*ck me, RHEL 9 finally got rid of NIS. I think I knew this was coming but that was so far in the future, I had plenty of now problems to deal with. They are right, NIS is not at all secure for user auth. Great. I don't use NIS for that anymore. I use NIS for groups, netgroups, and automount maps, especially automount maps. I'm not worried about security for those. Might be time to finally develop a replacement to those bits of NIS and retire NIS like I've been contemplating.

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Post-2025 Windows 10 updates for businesses start at $61 per PC, go up from there

Consumer pricing hasn't been announced; schools will pay just $1 per year.

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@arstechnica Now is the best time to switch to a different operating system or switch completely to a new infrastructure. Like

But for a start does the trick with free open-source software and always free updates for the OS of your choice ...

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Unlock the secrets to a flawless NVIDIA and Wayland setup on Arch. Follow our step-by-step guide for a hassle-free desktop experience.

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Question! Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor? And what happens to citizens' data? A solution is to move to free and open source software like and – which is exactly what Schleswig-Holstein is doing:

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Which one is the best (GNU) distribution?

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alias ds='date +"%Y_%b_%d_%H_%M_%S_%N"'

If a file is made in this way: "ds"
the output will look like this.


If there is a better way, comments are welcome.

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In lots of distro reviews people dedicate some amount of time to wallpapers... like it is a vital part of an OS.... For god's sake, how many of you use default wallpapers and not downloading/setting up your fav custom one? 😅 Why not use that time for really important features instead? 🥺

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Plasmashell inverts(flips?) screen after running a game? (X11/Plasma 6)

Hi, I'm using nvidia drivers. FOr whatever reason at times Plasmashell would get "cute" and flip the screen to the point I just run plasmashell --replace and everything goes back to normal...

Is there something... I could do ?


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What was it? 🐧

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Admit it.

You love htop.

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I get more views on my videos than I have subscribed people. This gives me hope that users are finding my stuff useful. Thanks!

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Attention people in Southern California! KDE is coming to town (to set up a booth a SCaLE21x).

Come visit us at @socallinuxexpo at the Pasadena Convention Center, enjoy some talks, meet KDE contributors, marvel at our technological... er... marvels, and have a good time!


An attendee to SCaLE20x poses in front of the KDE booth.
Mobile devices (3 phones and a tablet) running Plasma Mobile at KDE's booth at SCaLE20x.
Attendees to SCaLE20x try out a tablet and a phone powered by Plasma Mobile.

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How... do I log into lemmy, say KDE Social lemmy using my Mastodon account? @kde I'm not sure how this works 👴🏼👴🏼👴🏼

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Hi all!

I'm happy to announce release 1.7.0 of !

Also this release is coming with a lot of your contributions! Thanks to everyone!

There are general improvements, bugfixing and support for systemd and nvidia, but also new flags/features!

Be aware that this release breaks some backward compatibility so you'll need to re-export your bins/apps, read the changelog for a oneliner to fix this!

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Looking for ? Dive into the comprehensive collection at It is your go-to resource for all your command-line needs! 🐧💻

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has technology gone too far?

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    Tavern patrons will demand entertainments even when seated in the back room.

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    ❔ Seeking Web-Based CMS Recommendations (, , , etc.)

    If you customize/maintain or use a Content Management System () to display Web content, I'd like to know which CMS your prefer

    I've always coded Web-based components from scratch, but I'm curious about the CMS solutions that are commonly used to serve up content on the Web. The community here seems to be very tech-oriented, so I thought I'd be able to get some great feedback.

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    I'm bubbling this comment up a tier. On an exploration of modern practices, I've been considering a few alternatives for my . While initially considering the classic , I came to better appreciate the / distro trend, most notably . Last week, I learned about . Yet, not a fan of & unsure of the future of openSUSE, I was happy to discover Fedora today

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