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Study materials for grocery shopping?

I’m looking for anything out there that could help me navigate grocery stores in Japan? Maybe an Anki deck for food labels with proper kanji? I’ll be there for a period of time later this year and while my conversational skills are okay, I don’t know that I could grocery shop! I’ve got Genki 1 and 2 and some vocab cards...

Drama recommendations

I’ve been learning Japanese for a few years now, my reading is pretty good but my listening is terrible. I’ve been actively trying to watch more Japanese content but I’m not a huge fan of anime. So I’ve been getting into Japanese dramas. I’ve found some good ones from just randomly browsing Japanese netflix but I’ve...

improving cure dolly video by pitching them down

Cure dolly materials are good but some people has issues with the pitched up voice, so I found a way to pitch it down using a combination of virtual audio and a daw; any will work but for this guide I’ll explain it using reaper and blackhole on osx, as easily available for anyone and they exist on other os as well and setup is...

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