Slang for イラッなり (iranari) which means “Annoyed”

lemmyseizethemeans, (edited )

I think it means ‘request’ like ‘the thing we were talking about before’ 依頼の権’


The closest I could find that seems like it may be relevant given the context was this entry for いらいら, but I don’t think that’s correct either tbh.


While there seems to be a more specific explanation in this case, I believe it’s fairly common that for onomatopoeic or mimetic words with repeating syllables the last one can be replaced by り、ん or something else. E.g. ぺたぺた、ぺたり、ぺたん、ぺたんこ. So your result is close enough I’d say.


I think this thread is discussing this same context.



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  • x4740N,

    I know what is says since I’ve learned ひらがな and カタカナ

    I just needed to know the definition of the word


    Google lens translates a picture of your comment to "“hiragana” and “katakana” from Japanese

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